Including *PointsPlus & Points

Red Burrito (Beef) (820 cal/32g fat/6g fiber/95g carbs/35g protein/2820mg sodium/12g saturated fat) 22 (18.5)
Red Burrito (Chicken) (730 cal/25g fat/6g fiber/93g carbs/31g protein/2690mg sodium/9g saturated fat) 19.5 (16)
Grilled Chicken Burrito (510 cal/20g fat/2g fiber/48g carbs/32g protein/1650mg sodium/8g saturated fat) 14 (11.5)
Beef,Bean and Cheese Burrito (570 cal/26g fat/4g fiber/53g carbs/29g protein/1530mg sodium/11g saturated fat) 15.5 (13)
Chicken,Bean and Cheese Burrito (480 cal/20g fat/4g fiber/50g carbs/26g protein/1450mg sodium/8g saturated fat) 13 (10.5)
Bean and Cheese Burrito (440 cal/19g fat/4g fiber/49g carbs/16g protein/1200mg sodium/8g saturated fat) 12 (10)
One Pound Burrito,Beef (840 cal/34g fat/7g fiber/95g carbs/36g protein/2430mg sodium/13g saturated fat) 22.5 (19)
One Pound Burrito,Chicken (800 cal/28g fat/7g fiber/93g carbs/42g protein/2540mg sodium/10g saturated fat) 21 (18)
Make It Wet (35 cal/2g fat/2g fiber/4g carbs/1g protein/480mg sodium) 1 (0.5)
Soft Taco (Beef) (230 cal/12g fat/18g carbs/13g protein/650mg sodium/5g saturated fat) 6.5 (6)
Soft Taco (Chicken) (190 cal/8g fat/17g carbs/14g protein/650mg sodium/4g saturated fat) 5.5 (4.5)
Hard Taco (Beef) (190 cal/13g fat/1g fiber/13g carbs/12g protein/410mg sodium/5g saturated fat) 6 (5)
Hard Taco (Chicken) (150 cal/9g fat/1g fiber/12g carbs/14g protein/410mg sodium/4g saturated fat) 5 (4)
Deluxe Soft Taco (Beef) (260 cal/14g fat/20g carbs/14g protein/690mg sodium/6g saturated fat) 7.5 (6.5)
Deluxe Soft Taco (Chicken) (220 cal/10g fat/19g carbs/15g protein/700mg sodium/5g saturated fat) 6.5 (5.5)
Deluxe Hard Taco (Beef) (200 cal/14g fat/1g fiber/15g carbs/12g protein/430mg sodium/6g saturated fat) 6.5 (5)
Deluxe Hard Taco (Chicken) (180 cal/11g fat/1g fiber/14g carbs/15g protein/470mg sodium/5g saturated fat) 6 (4.5)
Southwest Chicken Soft Taco (240 cal/14g fat/17g carbs/14g protein/630mg sodium/5g saturated fat) 7 (6)
Quesadilla (570 cal/34g fat/1g fiber/39g carbs/26g protein/1140mg sodium/17g saturated fat) 15.5 (14.5)
Chicken Quesadilla (620 cal/35g fat/1g fiber/40g carbs/36g protein/1390mg sodium/17g saturated fat) 17 (15.5)
Super Nachos (780 cal/36g fat/5g fiber/94g carbs/17g protein/1420mg sodium/10g saturated fat) 21.5 (18)
Super Nachos (Beef) (920 cal/44g fat/5g fiber/98g carbs/30g protein/1780mg sodium/13g saturated fat) 25 (21.5)
Super Nachos (Chicken) (830 cal/37g fat/5g fiber/95g carbs/27g protein/1670mg sodium/10g saturated fat) 22.5 (19)
Taco Salad (Beef) (1060 cal/64g fat/7g fiber/79g carbs/42g protein/2410mg sodium/20g saturated fat) 28.5 (26)
Taco Salad (Chicken) (950 cal/54g fat/7g fiber/75g carbs/42g protein/2330mg sodium/16g saturated fat) 25.5 (23)
Chips and Salsa (110 cal/8g fat/21g carbs/3g protein/230mg sodium/2g saturated fat) 5 (3)
Refried Beans (260 cal/9g fat/8g fiber/35g carbs/11g protein/1000mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 6.5 (5.5)
Mexican Rice (250 cal/4g fat/1g fiber/49g carbs/6g protein/580mg sodium/1g saturated fat) 7 (5.5)
Guacamole (60 cal/5g fat/1g fiber/3g carbs/1g protein/100mg sodium/1g saturated fat) 2 (1.5)
Sour Cream (50 cal/4g fat/3g carbs/2g protein/60mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 2 (1.5)
Chips Side (100 cal/8g fat/20g carbs/3g protein/210mg sodium/2g saturated fat) 5 (3)
Salsa (15 cal/1g fiber/3g carbs/3g protein/400mg sodium) 1 (0.5)
Hot Sauce (/200mg sodium) 0 (0)

* Whenever possible, I calculate ALL my Points on my website with my
Offline Points Calculator in the Half Points Mode,
which rounds UP to the nearest Half Point.
This keeps my site consistent.
All point values in black bold are the new PointsPlus values,
while all point values in red bold are the old Point values .

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