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DWLZ Supporter ~ What is it?  First and foremost, DWLZ.com and our Message Board is
free to everyone. Becoming a DWLZ Suporter is strictly voluntary.

DWLZ Supporter  is $25.00 a year to help support our Message Board and DWLZ.com, the website.

You will receive our Thermometer Program with payment and I will put the graphic  DWLZ Supporter
under your username on the Message Boards if you have signed up to participate there.

Due to the high traffic on DWLZ.com and our Message Board I have had to purchase
separate dedicated servers for our Message Board and DWLZ.com. I have
also had to purchase a vBulletin license with a renewal fee every year for our Message Board.

If you would like to become a  DWLZ Supporter 

Please remember to put your username/DWLZ Supporter on your payment.  This will make it easier for me

to place DWLZ Supporter  under your username.  


Thanking you in advance
for all your support.




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