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Hot Melts
Corned Beef on Rye (297 cal/5g fat/2g fiber/38g carbs/25g protein) 8 (6)
Grilled Chicken Breast on Pita (324 cal/6g fat/24g carbs/44g protein) 8.5 (7)
Ham on Rye (321 cal/6g fat/2g fiber/40g carbs/27g protein) 8.5 (7)
Pastrami on Rye (297 cal/5g fat/2g fiber/38g carbs/25g protein) 8 (6)
Roast Beef on Wheat (329 cal/6g fat/6g fiber/42g carbs/27g protein) 8.5 (6.5)
Turkey Breast on Pita (220 cal/2g fat/25g carbs/26g protein) 6 (5)
Turkey Broccoli Melt (295 cal/7g fat/26g carbs/32g protein) 8 (6.5)
Grilled Chicken Breast Salad (215 cal/7g fat/2g fiber/13g carbs/25g protein) 5.5 (4.5)
Italian Wedding Soup (82 cal/2g fat/2g fiber/12g carbs/4g protein) 2.5 (1.5)
Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup (140 cal/2g fat/2g fiber/15g carbs/16g protein) 3.5 (3)

My Friend's Place Deli

* Whenever possible, I calculate ALL my Points on my website with my
Offline Points Calculator in the Half Points Mode,
which rounds UP to the nearest Half Point.
This keeps my site consistent.
All point values in black bold are the new PointsPlus values,
while all point values in red bold are the old Point values .

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