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Pacific Wok Teriyaki Grill

Including *PointsPlus & Points

Teriyaki Chicken With Rice (591 cal/4.5g fat/4g fiber/98g carbs/35g protein/1896mg sodium) 15.5 (11.5)
Teriyaki Chicken With Noodles (492 cal/4.7g fat/4g fiber/80g carbs/30g protein/3280mg sodium) 13 (9.5)
Teriyaki Steak With Rice (684 cal/13g fat/4g fiber/92g carbs/46g protein/269mg sodium) 18 (14)
Teriyaki Steak With Noodles (586 cal/13g fat/4g fiber/75g carbs/41g protein/1656mg sodium) 15.5 (12.5)
Yakitori Chicken With Rice (696 cal/15g fat/4g fiber/94g carbs/42g protein/248mg sodium) 18.5 (14.5)
Yakitori Chicken With Noodles (597 cal/15g fat/4g fiber/76g carbs/37g protein/1636mg sodium) 16 (12.5)
Shichimi Chicken With Rice (591 cal/5g fat/4g fiber/92g carbs/40g protein/110mg sodium) 15.5 (11.5)
Shichimi Chicken With Noodles (492 cal/5g fat/4g fiber/74g carbs/35g protein/1497mg sodium) 13 (9.5)
Ten Shrimp With Rice (521 cal/2g fat/6g fiber/104g carbs/21g protein/161mg sodium) 13.5 (10)
Ten Shrimp With Noodles (423 cal/2g fat/6g fiber/86g carbs/16g protein/1548mg sodium) 11 (8)
Mix It Up
Teriyaki Chicken/teriyaki Steak With Rice (681 cal/10g fat/4g fiber/96g carbs/47g protein/1368mg sodium) 18 (14)
Teriyaki Chicken/teriyaki Steak With Noodles (596 cal/10g fat/4g fiber/81g carbs/42g protein/2755mg sodium) 15.5 (12)
Teriyaki Chicken/yakitori Chicken With Rice (688 cal/11g fat/4g fiber/97g carbs/45g protein/1394mg sodium) 18.5 (14)
Teriyaki Chicken/yakitori Chicken With Noodles (586 cal/12g fat/4g fiber/78g carbs/40g protein/2725mg sodium) 15.5 (12)
Teriyaki Steak/yakitori Chicken With Rice (718 cal/15g fat/4g fiber/93g carbs/48g protein/210mg sodium) 19 (15)
Teriyaki Steak/yakitori Chicken With Noodles (618 cal/15g fat/4g fiber/75g carbs/43g protein/1598mg sodium) 16.5 (13)
Shrimp/teriyaki Chicken With Rice (565 cal/4g fat/5g fiber/101g carbs/30g protein/1132mg sodium) 15 (11)
Shrimp/teriyaki Chicken With Noodles (467 cal/4g fat/5g fiber/98g carbs/25g protein/2519mg sodium) 14 (9)
Shrimp/yakitori Chicken With Rice (624 cal/9g fat/5g fiber/99g carbs/33g protein/217mg sodium) 16.5 (12.5)
Shrimp/yakitori Chicken With Noodles (524 cal/10g fat/5g fiber/81g carbs/29g protein/1603mg sodium) 14 (11)
Shrimp/shichimi Chicken With Rice (595 cal/4g fat/5g fiber/98g carbs/37g protein/151mg sodium) 15.5 (11.5)
Shrimp/shichimi Chicken With Noodles (496 cal/5g fat/5g fiber/80g carbs/32g protein/1539mg sodium) 13 (10)
Shrimp/teriyaki Steak With Rice (519 cal/8g fat/5g fiber/98g carbs/35g protein/228mg sodium) 16 (10.5)
Shrimp/teriyaki Steak With Noodles (519 cal/8g fat/5g fiber/81g carbs/31g protein/1615mg sodium) 13.5 (10.5)
Fresh Veggie Combo With Rice (478 cal/2g fat/6g fiber/103g carbs/13g protein/49mg sodium) 12.5 (9)
Fresh Veggie Combo With Noodles (378 cal/2g fat/6g fiber/85g carbs/8g protein/1436mg sodium) 10.5 (7)
Sushi Rolls
California Roll 4 Pack (132 cal/1g fat/1g fiber/26g carbs/4g protein/124mg sodium) 3.5 (3)
Veggie Roll 4 Pack (119 cal/1g fat/1g fiber/25g carbs/2g protein/4mg sodium) 3.5 (2.5)
Chicken Steamrollers Single (120 cal/5g fat/2g fiber/14g carbs/8g protein/470mg sodium) 3.5 (2.5)
Veggie Steamroller Single (70 cal/2.5g fat/2g fiber/13g carbs/2g protein/180mg sodium) 2.5 (1.5)

Pacific Wok Teriyaki Grill

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