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Kokora - Quick, Delicious Japanese Food

Including *PointsPlus & Points

Beef and Vegetable Bowl (310 cal/4.5g fat/1g fiber/49g carbs/19g protein/540mg sodium/1.5g saturated fat) 8.5 (6.5)
Beef Bowl Regular (490 cal/8g fat/69g carbs/35g protein/1060mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 13 (10.5)
Super Beef Bowl (340 cal/6g fat/46g carbs/25g protein/760mg sodium/2g saturated fat) 9 (7.5)
Beef Curry Bowl Regular (280 cal/5g fat/40g carbs/18g protein/820mg sodium/1.5g saturated fat) 7.5 (6.5)
Super Beef Cury Bowl (370 cal/7g fat/52g carbs/26g protein/1050mg sodium/2.5g saturated fat) 10 (8)
Chicken and Vegetable Bowl (330 cal/4.5g fat/2g fiber/54g carbs/18g protein/430mg sodium/1.5g saturated fat) 9 (7)
Chicken Bowl Regular (510 cal/8g fat/79g carbs/31g protein/830mg sodium/2.5g saturated fat) 13.5 (11)
Super Chicken Curry Bowl (340 cal/6g fat/50g carbs/21g protein/430mg sodium/1.5g saturated fat) 9 (7.5)
Chicken Curry Bowl Regular (520 cal/11g fat/1g fiber/75g carbs/31g protein/670mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 14 (11.5)
Super Chicken Curry Bowl (340 cal/7g fat/48g carbs/21g protein/350mg sodium/2g saturated fat) 9 (7.5)
Kokoro Bowl (350 cal/4.5g fat/2g fiber/56g carbs/20g protein/710mg sodium/2g saturated fat) 9.5 (7)
Vegetable Bowl
Regular (310 cal/3g fiber/71g carbs/8g protein/30mg sodium) 8.5 (6)
Super (210 cal/2g fiber/48g carbs/5g protein/20mg sodium) 6 (4)
Salmon Bowl (330 cal/5g fat/1g fiber/55g carbs/17g protein/720mg sodium/1.5g saturated fat) 9 (7)
Beef Sobaghetti (510 cal/11g fat/4g fiber/71g carbs/38g protein/2470mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 14 (10.5)
Chicken Sobaghetti (420 cal/8g fat/4g fiber/66g carbs/25g protein/1640mg sodium/2g saturated fat) 11.5 (8.5)
Vegetarian Sobaghetti (330 cal/4g fat/4g fiber/65g carbs/13g protein/1580mg sodium) 9 (6.5)
A la Carte
Beef Only (220 cal/8g fat/6g carbs/30g protein/1060mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 6 (5.5)
Chicken Only (250 cal/9g fat/16g carbs/26g protein/830mg sodium/2.5g saturated fat) 6.5 (6)
Vegetables Only (45 cal/0.5g fat/3g fiber/8g carbs/3g protein/30mg sodium) 1.5 (0.5)

Kokora - Quick, Delicious Japanese Food

* Whenever possible, I calculate ALL my Points on my website with my
Offline Points Calculator in the Half Points Mode,
which rounds UP to the nearest Half Point.
This keeps my site consistent.
All point values in black bold are the new PointsPlus values,
while all point values in red bold are the old Point values .

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