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Waba Grill Teriyaki House

Including *PointsPlus & Points

Chicken Steak Plate (698 cal/17g fat/4g fiber/76g carbs/52g protein/520mg sodium/5.9g saturated fat) 18.5 (15)
Chicken Plate (685 cal/15g fat/4g fiber/76g carbs/52g protein/292mg sodium/4.3g saturated fat) 18.5 (14.5)
Steak Plate (668 cal/20g fat/4g fiber/76g carbs/46g protein/877mg sodium/8g saturated fat) 17.5 (14.5)
Specialty Plates
Rib Plate (846 cal/41g fat/4g fiber/76g carbs/40g protein/1420mg sodium/17g saturated fat) 23 (20)
Chicken Salad Plate (302 cal/3.3g fat/5g fiber/23g carbs/39g protein/212mg sodium/0.6g saturated fat) 7.5 (6)
Oriental Dressing (332 cal/26g fat/28g carbs//842mg sodium/4g saturated fat) 10 (9)
Ranch Dressing (281 cal/31g fat/2.6g carbs/2.6g protein/561mg sodium/6g saturated fat) 8.5 (8.5)
Caesar Dressing (357 cal/36g fat/2.6g carbs/2.6g protein/842mg sodium/6g saturated fat) 10.5 (10.5)
Salmon Plate (608 cal/25g fat/4g fiber/76g carbs/35g protein/158mg sodium/5g saturated fat) 18 (13.5)
Rice Bowls
Chicken Bowl (542 cal/10g fat/1.5g fiber/67g carbs/37g protein/197mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 15 (11.5)
Steak Bowl (512 cal/13g fat/1.5g fiber/67g carbs/30g protein/554mg sodium/5.1g saturated fat) 14 (11.5)
Half Half Bowl (455 cal/13g fat/1.3g fiber/45g carbs/35g protein/425mg sodium/4.5g saturated fat) 12.5 (10)
Salmon Bowl (472 cal/16g fat/1.5g fiber/67g carbs/23g protein/95mg sodium/3.4g saturated fat) 13.5 (10.5)
Rice Bowls w/Veggies
Chicken Veggie Bowl (485 cal/10g fat/5g fiber/55g carbs/5.5g protein/227mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 15 (10)
Steak Veggie Bowl (455 cal/13g fat/5g fiber/55g carbs/6.5g protein/584mg sodium/5.1g saturated fat) 13.5 (9.5)
Half Half Veggie Bowl (498 cal/13g fat/5g fiber/55g carbs/6g protein/455mg sodium/4.6g saturated fat) 15.5 (10.5)
Veggie Bowl (184 cal/0.7g fat/5g fiber/41g carbs/5g protein/44mg sodium/0.1g saturated fat) 5 (3)
WaBa Sauce (on all meat and chicken) (61 cal/5g fat/0.1g fiber/1g carbs/0.9g protein/1094mg sodium/0.7g saturated fat) 2 (2)
Oriental Dressing (on all side salads) (105 cal/8g fat/8.9g carbs/6.5g protein/267mg sodium/1.2g saturated fat) 4 (3)
Sriracha Hot Sauce (5 cal/1g carbs//100mg sodium) 0.5 (0.5)
Cajun Hot Sauce (/140mg sodium) 0 (0)
Jalapenos (15 cal/0.1g fat/0.4g fiber/3.6g carbs/0.5g protein/254mg sodium) 0.5 (0.5)
Avocado (161 cal/15g fat/6.7g fiber/8.6g carbs/2g protein/7mg sodium/2.1g saturated fat) 4.5 (4)
Soy Sauce (8 cal/1.7g protein/767mg sodium) 0.5 (0.5)
Green Onions (12 cal/1.2g fiber/2.4g carbs//12mg sodium) 0.5 (0)

Waba Grill Teriyaki House

* Whenever possible, I calculate ALL my Points on my website with my
Offline Points Calculator in the Half Points Mode,
which rounds UP to the nearest Half Point.
This keeps my site consistent.
All point values in black bold are the new PointsPlus values,
while all point values in red bold are the old Point values .

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