Including *PointsPlus & Points

Turkey Hot Dog on a Stick (240 cal/11g fat/1g fiber/28g carbs/9g protein/610mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 7 (6)
Veggie Dog on a Stick (250 cal/5g fat/2g fiber/35g carbs/16g protein/930mg sodium/1g saturated fat) 6.5 (5.5)
American Cheese on a Stick (270 cal/14g fat/1g fiber/26g carbs/10g protein/900mg sodium/7g saturated fat) 7.5 (6.5)
Pepperjack Cheese on a Stick (260 cal/13g fat/2g fiber/25g carbs/9g protein/850mg sodium/6g saturated fat) 7.5 (6)
French Fries (390 cal/15g fat/4g fiber/60g carbs/5g protein/70mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 11 (8.5)
Beef Hot Dog on a Bun (460 cal/29g fat/2g fiber/37g carbs/14g protein/1440mg sodium/11g saturated fat) 13 (11.5)
Funnel Cake Sticks (220 cal/9g fat/1g fiber/31g carbs/2g protein/170mg sodium/2g saturated fat) 6.5 (5)
Fish Platter (320 cal/21g fat/1g fiber/24g carbs/11g protein/410mg sodium/4g saturated fat) 9 (8)
Zucchini Platter (780 cal/68g fat/5g fiber/35g carbs/6g protein/700mg sodium/11g saturated fat) 22 (20.5)
Fish & Zucchini Platter (560 cal/37g fat/1g fiber/42g carbs/20g protein/718mg sodium/6g saturated fat) 16 (14.5)
Fish & Zucchini Platter (in the state of HI) (710 cal/55g fat/4g fiber/42g carbs/14g protein/760mg sodium/10g saturated fat) 20 (18)

Hot Dog on a Stick

* Whenever possible, I calculate ALL my Points on my website with my
Offline Points Calculator in the Half Points Mode,
which rounds UP to the nearest Half Point.
This keeps my site consistent.
All point values in black bold are the new PointsPlus values,
while all point values in red bold are the old Point values .

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