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Weight Commander

Our DWLZ Chat Room is located on our
Message Boards at

Before you will be able to chat you must be registered on our Message Boards.
DWLZ Chat is integrated with our Message Boards so it will
recognize your username/password when you enter. Enjoy chatting!

DWLZ Chat is using the latest java, so please update your java
if you are having problems getting into the chat room.


Chat Guidelines:

We are very glad that you have decided to join our community! However, to ensure a safe and happy chat room for everyone, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines:

  • When choosing a nickname for the chat room, please pick one and stick with it so we can get to know you!

  • We can’t always talk about weight loss and weight loss issues so please make sure your choices for topics are not controversial. The rule of thumb is no politics, no religion and no sex.

  • Encourage each other on your weight loss journeys. Negative and degrading talk will not be tolerated.

  • Please support the moderators! It’s not an easy job and they do not get paid for what they do. Let them do their job and keep the chat room safe for everyone!

  • For safety’s sake, do not give out your email address in the main chat room. If you wish to share it with another chatter, please do so in a private message.

  • Finally, no business solicitations. DWLZ chat room is a place for fun, support and discussion.

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Questions, comments, or difficulties,
please contact Dotti or any of our Admins

Horizonal Rule Bows


One Day At A Time, No Guilt and Move On

Horizonal Rule Bows

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