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Hogi Yogi / Teriyaki Stix

Including *PointsPlus & Points

Chicken Bowl (704 cal/8g fat/2g fiber/111g carbs/42g protein/3g saturated fat) 19 (14.5)
Orange Chicken Bowl (770 cal/16g fat/1g fiber/113g carbs/35g protein/3g saturated fat) 21 (17)
Curry Bowl (704 cal/15g fat/3g fiber/110g carbs/30g protein/7g saturated fat) 19 (15)
Veggie Bowl (589 cal/6g fiber/134g carbs/14g protein) 15.5 (11)
Chicken Bowl w/Veggies (737 cal/8g fat/4g fiber/118g carbs/43g protein/3g saturated fat) 19.5 (15)
BBQ Chicken (319 cal/2g fat/4g fiber/53g carbs/19g protein/1g saturated fat) 8.5 (6)
Ham Sandwich (185 cal/2g fat/2g fiber/30g carbs/10g protein) 5 (3.5)
Roast Beef Sandwich (261 cal/3g fat/4g fiber/43g carbs/13g protein/1g saturated fat) 7 (5)
Turkey Sandwich (270 cal/2g fat/4g fiber/44g carbs/17g protein/1g saturated fat) 7 (5)
Veggie Sandwich (224 cal/2g fat/4g fiber/44g carbs/6g protein/1g saturated fat) 6 (4)
BLT Sandwich (544 cal/18g fat/4g fiber/65g carbs/28g protein/6g saturated fat) 14.5 (12)
Chicken Salad (660 cal/30g fat/3g fiber/64g carbs/30g protein/5g saturated fat) 18 (15.5)
Homestyle Turkey Sandwich (428 cal/8g fat/3g fiber/58g carbs/29g protein/3g saturated fat) 11.5 (9)
House Salad w/Turkey (264 cal/12g fat/3g fiber/18g carbs/22g protein/2g saturated fat) 7 (6)
Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich (560 cal/16g fat/8g fiber/70g carbs/33g protein/7g saturated fat) 14.5 (12)
Stacked Club (723 cal/17g fat/4g fiber/96g carbs/44g protein/5g saturated fat) 19 (15.5)

Hogi Yogi / Teriyaki Stix

* Whenever possible, I calculate ALL my Points on my website with my
Offline Points Calculator in the Half Points Mode,
which rounds UP to the nearest Half Point.
This keeps my site consistent.
All point values in black bold are the new PointsPlus values,
while all point values in red bold are the old Point values .

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