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Weight Commander

Weight Watcher Prayer
Only One Pound
Dieter's Psalm
Dieter's Prayer #5
Dieter's Prayer #4
Dieter's Prayer #3
Dieters Prayer #2

Autobiography in Five Short Chapters

Believe in Yourself
One Day at a Time
One Day at a Time #2
Live One Day at a Time
Plant a Garden Of Success
ABC's to Success
ABC's to Success #2
The Past is Past But Tomorrow
Will Last Forever
This Can be a Time of Growth
Did You Ever Wonder Why
Geese Fly in a Vee?
Believe You Can Do It
Recipe for the Winning Difference
The Super (supper) Bowl
A Creed to Live By
The First Step You Take is Always
the Important One
You're Surrounded by Opportunity
Never Let Go of the Dreams
in Your Heart
Success is a Matter of Expectation
The Gift Of Hope

You Can Be Whatever You Want to Be

The Gift of Picking Up the Pieces
There is Only One Key to Success
Some Things to Think About


DWLZ Cookbooks


Don't Quit - W.W. Version
Don't Quit #2
Don't Quit #3
Dieters Prayer
10 Little Weight Watchers
The Power of Words
The Man in the Glass
The Ten Commandments of
Weight Loss
The Gift of Aspiration
Winners Are People Like You
Recipe for Life
Life's Recipe
The Winner's Creed
Hold on to Your Dreams

24 Things to Always Remember
and One Thing to Never Forget

Words of Wisdom
In the Difficult Times, Keep
Believing in Yourself
Special People
Taking the Journey
The Sun Will Shine On
You Again
You Can Because You Think
You Can
The Gift of Hanging in There
and Holding On

Dreams Come True One Step
at a Time

Today is the Very First Day of
the Rest of My Life
I Am Thankful For...
Only You Know What is Best
for You
Beginning Today...
Knowing How to Overcome
Failure is Part of Being Successful
Abraham Lincoln
Be Kind to Yourself

Horizonal Rule Bows


One Day At A Time, No Guilt and Move On

Horizonal Rule Bows

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