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I had to say Goodbye today.
To someone I've known all my life.
I had to say Goodbye to myself.

Not my true self.
My old self.
The self that used to be a big huge part of me.
Goodbye old self.

I will not list all the bad things about her.
I will not trash her or hate her of feel guilty about being her.
I will simply say Goodbye.
I no longer need her.

I have not been her for a long time.
I have not needed her for a long time.
It was finally time.
To say Goodbye.

The best thing about saying Goodbye.
Is saying Hello, to the new me.
The me that's been watching over my shoulder this whole time.
Waiting for me to see her, to be her.

She's been waiting patiently with love and a smile.
Guiding me, urging me, pushing me.
And now she is embracing me.
Hello new me!

-Marilyn Marie Montrose-

"I've lost 31 lbs. on weight watchers and am at goal. Your web site has helped tremendously.
I wrote a poem I thought you may want to put on your site"

It is a wonderful poem Marilyn - Congratulations on making GOAL!  WTG!  Dotti

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