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There Is Only One Key To Success - Don't Quit

Believe in yourself
and your vision of the future.
Surround yourself with
those who believe in you and will
help you achieve your goals.
Keep your dream alive despite
the challenges along the way.

There will always be those
who try and steal your dream
by laughter or criticism.
They cannot understand what
drives you to always want more.

In safety, there is no failure -
neither is there success.
Only by taking the risks
that other fear
can you achieve greatness.

Change can be frightening,
but only by changing
can you experience growth.
Only by challenging yourself
to do what seems impossible
can you ever know how much
you can achieve.

There is only one key to success:
It may require a lot of changing,
but you can do it.
The seed of greatness
lies within you.
Nurture it, and there
will be nothing you can't do.

Lisa Marie Yost

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