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Did You Ever Wonder Why Geese Fly In A Vee?

That is because they support one another and always fly in a group. The goose at the point of the vee
is the leader and cuts the air current for the other geese. If one goose falls ill and leaves the formation,
two other geese accompany it to the ground. Once the ill goose is able to join the group again,
the three geese together fly back into their place in line.

This was sent in by Linda, a Weight Watcher Leader and this is what she has to say:

"As a leader I am here to help my members with their weight loss goals - together we will fly in formation
and when one of us falls out of the group or simply loses motivation, at least two of us will miss that person
and lend a hand until they can join the group again. Together the Vee will be formed again.

This is a great 'Support One Another' message."

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