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The Gift Of Picking Up The Pieces

May this be the day when it all comes together * happiness in your heart * serenity in your soul * success in all the things you do

* time enough to reach for your dreams * patience to see you through * inner beauty * an open mind * days that find you feeling wonderful *

confidence, strong and lasting * strength to do what needs to be done * believing in tomorrow * living in today

* knowing the right way is the only way * clearing out the confusion * facing the facts * not being afraid * never giving up

* finding hope in hard-to-find places * putting smiles on other people's faces * knowing when to talk * and knowing when to listen

* standing by the truth * being firm in your commitments * using your insight to set you right * going from rock bottom to mountain top

* learning from mistakes * understanding the greatness within * looking for the good that is always there

* sharing the things that need to be shared * remembering that it can all be a puzzle, but solving problems is one of the sweet joys of life *

you can always pick up the pieces * and you can always make things right.

Douglas Richards

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