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This Can Be A Time Of Growth

As difficult as this time in your life may be,
you will become stronger if you
face each day with patience and hope;
if you accept your weaknesses
but concentrate on your strengths;
if you love and care for yourself
even when you are angry and confused;
if you can look at doubt and fear
but keep your mind on the fact that
the struggle is helping you to grow
in faith and confidence.  
If you gently pick yourself up
when you fall and continue walking;
if you keep thinking about
all the things you can do well,
all the things that bring you joy,
and all the people you love
who also love you;
if you hold on to your goals
even though the way to reach them
may be unclear, then...
You can see the troubling times
almost as friends who have come
to help you grow further
than you thought you could;
friends who are showing you the way
to a more courageous heart;
friends who help you to see that
you are more powerful than
you ever thought you were;
friends who help you to see that
the hard times are making you more open
to accepting life as it comes,
and realizing that you have
the inner strength and loving nature
to deal successfully with
any difficult moment.

Donna Levine