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Some Things to Think About

You can begin anything at any time. Rather than wait for the first of the month or Monday morning, begin whenever you're ready. Midmorning, late afternoon and right this minute are good times too.

If the food package says light or low fat, that only means there's less fat in this version than in the regular version. There still may be plenty of calories. Check the label before you buy.

Be aware that positive as well as negative feelings can trigger an urge to eat.  Learn to celebrate or reward yourself with something besides a piece of candy or a special dinner.

Hop on your bicycle and pedal steadily for twenty minutes or more before you turn around. By the time you get back home, you'll be feeling great.

If you suspect you are sensitive to a certain additive, eliminate it completely from your diet for four days, then eat food that is high in that additive and see if you notice a physical reaction.

Remember that you always have choices in your relationships with people. You can say no or limit your participation. Or you can look for another situation that is better than this one.

You have to eventually learn how to stop eating the foods that are harmful to you. Avoiding food temporarily sounds like a good idea but it solves nothing.

A good way to get started on any program of change is to exercise. Regular exercise gives you more energy and an improved sense of well-being.

Give yourself a reward as soon as you've earned it so that you can reinforce your good behavior. It's a pleasant way to remind yourself that hard work pays off.

Try to do something else when you have the urge to eat. Clean a closet, read a magazine, make a phone call or walk around the block. The urge to eat will usually pass in 10 or 15 minutes.

Pay attention to the words and thoughts you say to yourself. Make sure this self-talk is positive.

Attending a support group keeps your commitment strong. Each meeting is a reminder that your goals are worth pursuing.

Fill your plate from the pan on the stove instead of from a serving dish on the table.  That way you won't have that second helping staring at you throughout the entire meal.

Whenever you hear yourself saying something negative, say "Stop that!"  aloud.  Then rephrase your thought as a positive one.

If someone's behavior is bothering you, tell them. Otherwise they may have no idea that they are bothering you.  Once they know, they may be happy to change but the only way to find out is to talk about it.

Make an effort today to let go of perfectionism. Practice changing negative words and thoughts to positive ones so that you can accept your own and others' efforts without criticizing.

You may need to reassess how quickly you expect to reach your goal and whether you expect to have any challenges or setbacks along the way.  On a weight loss plan, for example, it's realistic to expect to lose an average of a pound or two a week. it's also realistic to expect a few plateaus and fluctuations along the way.

When you rely on yourself and the visions and values in your heart, you rely on the best.

Remember that exercise burns calories.  You're bound to lose more weight when you work out regularly each week.

Remember to drink 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. If you are even mildly dehydrated, you will feel more tired.

Let today be the day that you resolve to get rid of that extra weight.  You'll fee better as soon as you begin secure in the the knowledge that you are on the road to a healthier and leaner you.

The best fat-burning exercise is aerobic, moderately paced for 30 minutes or more.  Start by taking a brisk walk, perhaps with a friend.

Take a more positive attitude about failure. Think of it as feedback, experience, practice.  The real failure is when you don't try at all.

Decide to start saying yes to your own needs today.  If you are at a loss as to where to begin, start with a regret.  Make plans to address it. Think how good you'll feel when you can say, "I'm so happy I did that."

If other members of your family insist on certain snack that are trigger foods for you, let them do their own shopping.  Then make them responsible for storing their snacks out of sight.

Let today be the day you begin to make small, but permanent, lifestyle changes that affect your weight. Become aware of the power of words and work on being more positive in your self-talk. Instead of denying yourself a chocolate candy bar, be positive and choose a comforting cup of herb tea.  Set short-term goals that are easy to attain and then celebrate each success.

You're more likely to overeat when you're bored. When you're finished eating, leave the table. Take the conversation to another room rather than sitting in the kitchen nibbling at the leftovers.

Remember that trying something new can be risky but the outcome is bound to be positive for you. You'll have the satisfaction of knowing you tried every avenue - and you might be surprised to discover some new streets that will take you where you are going.

Remember that adding exercise to a program of healthy eating is important.  Simply taking a brisk walk every day will help you lose inches as well as pounds.

If snacking is a big problem for you, try changing your meal pattern from three substantial meals to six or seven smaller meals per day.

Remember that there are more than just physical benefits to eating properly.  When you take a few extra minutes to eat healthfully, you're also giving yourself a mental break.  You'll feel refreshed simply for having treated yourself to a nutritious meal and a short break.

People who have a tendency to retain fluid should cut back on salt.  To tell if you have excess fluid in your body, press your thumb into your skin near the shin bone. If there is a lot of fluid in the tissue, there will be a dent in your skin.

Be sure to set aside time for exercise.  Even busy people can make an appointment with themselves to work out three or four days each week.

It may be hard, but try and pass on French fries and hash brown potatoes.  If you must have a taste, get the smallest size and share it with your dining partner.

Instead of worrying about how thin you should be, think how healthful you should be.  With the help of your doctor, determine a healthy weight range for your height and frame. Remember that "ideal" weight varies greatly from one person to another.

Focus your energy on how to fit one serving of real chocolate cake into your weekly eating plan instead of justifying the health benefits of an entire low-fat chocolate cake.

When your mind needs soothing, pamper yourself with things besides food.  Visit a spa, get a massage, take a yoga class, listen to music, do some deep breathing or take a bubble bath by candlelight.

Take some time today to pinpoint your best physical characteristic, then do or buy something that will enhance it.

Learn to see yourself as others do.  Pay more attention to what's attractive about you.  Make a list of your non-physical qualities - your sense of humor, your ability to get a job done and pay attention to details, the fact that you're a good listener and a good friend.

Remember that there is much more to who you are than what you weigh.  Your personality, your outlook, how you help other people, what you do with your life is just as important. Self-esteem can be independent of the scale.