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The Super (supper) Bowl

Wendy WW (Weight Watcher's) came home today, gathering veggies along the way.
Company's coming for the Super Bowl, husbands getting anxious; big screen's all aglow.

Thought, now I can do this, homemade breadsticks I will make.
Swan gave me a recipe for that applesauce lowfat cake.

The day before I made the breadstick dough; the cake it sure looks good.
Carrots and broccoli in the fridge; lowfat ranch it's ready like it should.

My friend say's, "what should I bring?" Hot wings sure sound good.
I know I can make it to half time, counting points and writing down things like I should.

Let's see, what else can I throw out there; pigs in a blanket are easy, and surely will work.
How many points are they for each one? Where's my book, too busy, let's let that thought lurk.

Oh, go grab that bag of  lowfat Gordette's; I know I can be good.
How many handfuls have I eaten; how may do you think I should?

The excitement of the game is mounting; plates are filling themselves to the brim.
Neck and neck both teams are going; oh I wonder which one will win??

Yes, I started with carrots and broccoli; good intentions were sure in my head.
How many pigs in the blanket? Hot wings? Those chickens are surely dead.

My stomach was feeling so full, that only the breadsticks did I eat a few.
How can I remember how many; boy that game and the points just flew...

Hurrah!! Our team just won the game!! Dessert it still remains.
Lowfat applesauce cake with ice cream, chocolate sauce really tops this day off.
Ha! Ha! It's only a day, in Wendy WW's week of days.
Chins up, forde on, Wendy WW, she never get's down.
With a smile on her face :-), she'll start over tomorrow.

"Never giving up is half the battle won".

Written by Lisa T., a fellow W.W.

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