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Weight Commander

Health & Weight
Loss Links

Weight Watcher's International
3 Fat Chicks On A Diet
Cooking Light
Eating Disorder Referral
& Information Center
TOPS Weight Loss Support
Diabetic-Lifestyle Online
Nutrition Action Health Letter
Diet Bites
Lighten Up at Camp Shane

Nutrition Databases

Nutritionix Database
Raw Fruits, Vegetables, and
Fish Nutritionals
Candy Bars - Sorted By Company
Calorie King
USDA Nutrient Data Laboratory
Calorie Counter Database

Al's First Novel

Als Book

This is a great book! It's a love story
and so much more. I know you will
like it. Happy reading!

Cards, Stationary & Flowers

Birthday Alarm
- remember dates
Card Central - greeting cards
Blue Mountain Cards

Misc Websites

Diesel Boss
Great truck driver's page!

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Recipe Sites
Anita's Tried & True Recipes
Weight Watcher Recipe Cards
from 1974 - WOW
Fun Stuff
Real Age Test

Food Sites
Vitalicious Muffins 
Fit 'n' Free Pizza  
Baja Bob's SF Cocktail Mixes
Happy & Healthy Products Inc.
Fruitfull ® Bars & Smoothies

Calculators, Journals
and More

BMI Calculator - DWLZ

Heart Rate Calculator - DWLZ

BMR Calculator - DWLZ
Thermometer to Print - DWLZ
Daily Journal Sheets to Print
Calories Burned Calculator
Reference & Info
The Weather Bug
The Official U.S. Time
U.S. Postal Service
Ask Jeeves
The Old Farmer's Almanac
ABC News
Fox News
Blogs I Follow
Backyard Smoked Meats
Being An After
Bab's Life Journey

Als Book
Great lawyer in the
Vancouver, WA area.

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