Al's Journal Sheets

I am very partial to writing down what I am doing on my journey. The only way that I know that I am on program is when I have jotted down what I ate, and how much water I drank, and then total it up at the end of the day. To assist me in this process, I created a journal sheet format that includes all the things that I track in my journey. If you would like to download your own copy of the journal sheet that I use, in a PDF file format, Click here.

If you print out the sheet on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper, you can take it down to Office Max or a similar store, and have them run copies for you, putting my sheet on both the front and back sides. They can then cut the sheets in half and bind them for you, for a fairly reasonable price. Since each sheet will hold 4 days of information, if you have them copy my journal sheet to both sides of 50 sheets of paper, you will end up with a journal that covers 200 days.

One caution...

When you are printing the sheet, you may have the problem of it printing little square boxes where the letters should be. If that happens to you, go to PRINT OPTIONS/PROPERTIES and select: "Print as Image". It should then print as displayed.

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