Our Thanks to Sherry!


We cannot begin to express how great our
appreciation is to Sherry (pic on right), for all she did
to make the 2004 DWLZ Conference the success
that it was. We were plagued with one medical
emergency after another, and finally with a funeral as
the date of the conference approached, and then
arrived. If it hadn’t of been for Sherry's hard work
the conference would have collapsed around us.
But instead the conference ran smoothly and
professionally under her excellent supervision.

Sherry worked long and hard, starting well before
things went bad for us. She planned everything from
the accommodations to the conference content, and
did a marvelous job. We so much appreciated all
that she was doing right from the start, but when
things collapsed for us, Sherry was standing tall, with
the conference well in hand. Al and I were, and
are, heartbroken that we could not attend this year's
DWLZ conference, but thanks to Sherry the Zonies
had a top quality affair to enjoy.


Love, Dotti & Al


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