Conference Memories

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I thought I would start this thread so everyone could share their memories!

I don't have time to sit down and share everything right now, but will say, whenever
I think of FRS (somewhat of an inside joke I suppose), I will laugh my butt off!!!

I'll share more later when I have more time!

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Ok, just a quickie memory from me as well:

"Yes, Joan ... I lit a %&# match!"

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Well, y'all know that I wasn't in Edmonton but...and please don't anyone throw anything
at me, I had NO idea........they called me yesterday on a speaker phone. How cool was
that - I was soooooo surprised and heard hellos from just about everyone. Thanks Sherry
for doing that - I did shed a few tears but they were very happy ones.

I can't wait till you're all able to post your own experiences here -
I'll be watching for all the stories and.....I WANT DETAILS!!!!



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I'm still here in Edmonton, spending more $$ per hr than I have any right to.
I'm blaming Cath in V... we went to the Sherlock Holmes pub for lunch, sat in the
warm sun ... well ... 1 drink & I can be enticed into buying anything!!

The shuttle just picked up Becky & Cathie and I'm off for a nap. Hopefully I'll be
awake in time for dinner at the Spaghetti Factory with Arlene & Lynda.

Home tomorrow evening.... OK... I'll be happy to see the family, but it's been an
absolutely wonderful experience here. Thanks to all of you who shared your
stories & photos with us on Sunday. A more inspiring group could not be found.



Thanks Tracy, looking forward to reading the posts from the folks that
attended. My most memorable moment has to be the Canadian Skit and the
cariature artiste having a fit of laughter during one of the lines in the skit'..
and my second most memorable has to be the jammie fest in the hotel lobby
lounge ..and of course getting to know and meet everyone! Lissa made an
impression on me.. and I wish you the best in your aeronautical career! The hike
up the 300 stairs.. for someone from here that has never gone up or down those
stairs..shame on me.. will probably try that once again! Oh gosh... there were
just too many memorable moments.. but meeting the CCr's after chatting with them
for 1 year has to be the icing on my cake.. and now that I have met the moderators,
adminstrators and other Americans, going into the main lounge is not going
to be the typical a 'fly over' to the CC chat room....
thanks everyone for being so kind and friendly!

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My favourite memories... hmmm....

*the hotel lobby from 11pm until 3am on Saturday night and the awesome
friendships that were formed that night *the "most embarassing moments"
tales at dinner on Saturday evening *the many many laughs and the few
tears that were shed.

What an amazing weekend... I cant' believe it's over!

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I had a wonderful time.

I am so happy that Jenn was my roomie. She and I got along together like old
friends. What a wonderful lady!

I am very glad to have meet everyone, and especially the US gals who have
been such long-term members of Dotti's little alternate reality
here on ezBoard and

My memories will include:

--training the Americans to say "That's only $50...Canadian", or "That costs me
$30...American". Now they know what we go through with our US based TV
channels and the infomercials for thigh-slimming, butt-busting,
chest-enhancing wonder gadgets!
--having my very own Trini and Suzanne (which was really Jenn (Jenn)
and Sharon (Harmony Sky) take me through West Edmonton Mall and
do my "What not to wear" shopping. I only spent $400 of the $580 allowed,
so I'll put that in savings until next year so you can finish the job ladies!
--Chris, the concierge, coming up to the WOW suite to tell us how high
Lissa was (elevation-wise, not pharmaceutically)
--playing the nickel slots at the sad, little casino across the road with Lissa and Jenn
--waving at the garbage truck men from the charter transit bus on the way
to WEM - and Lissa saying "It's true, Canadians are just so nice"
--flashing the cleaners from the office building across the street from
Sher's suite on Saturday night (and I do believe that Lissa and Kelly
have a shot of that which will get posted)
--the caricature artist making a hoochie-mama picture of Jenn (nice butt)
--the fashion show - trying to be elegant and crazy all in walkway style
--walking until my legs felt like lead in WEM
--introducing Jenn and Sharon to Cookies by George! (sorry gals)
--telling the Americans that the way to get honorary Canadian citizenship is to
make love to a Mountie (in or out of a canoe), and then having
them spend three days looking for a Mountie!
--Jenn finding the "Peepee Teepees" for Kelly (ask them about this unique gift item)
--having the Sunday chicken dinner arrive as prime rib of beef
and someone saying "I'm having a cow!" over the change in menu!
--meeting so many wonderful and vibrant people and seeing that they
are more than little 1 inch by 1 inch head shots!!!
--wishing it was the 2005 Conference already!

Thanks for a fantastic weekend ladies (and Bruce and Randy)!!

Vikki in Canada

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I've got a few that stick out in my mind:

-- Sherry and her car of Zonies telling the story about the
"pigs flying" in Edmunton!
-- The wonderful, wonderful chocolate buffet!
-- Seeing old friends from last years conference
and meeting new ones.
--The hot tub get together Thursday night.
--The Sunday dinner at La Ronde.
-- EH!

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There is just too much to mention,

* meeting so many wonderful people
* laughing my a$$ off every time we were chatting whether it was
eating, chatting or just (trying) to get to my floor on the elevator
* saturday night out and then trying to get pizza!
* shopping with Melissa

Tan :)


WOW, where to start

~ Having my own room ~ how relaxing
~ Every moment spent in the lobby, laughing and talking
~ meeing everyone that I have been talking with for years
~ enjoying all the NO POINT meals with such great company
~ Saturday nite at the Country bar
~ shopping at the WEM with Tania
~ coming home to see my Bayleigh

there is so much more.......I just loved it so much, I wish it was
more often. Cannot wait to see you all again

Love ya!




- Meeting up with my Ontario gals at the airport to fly out.
- Sher meeting us at Edmonton airport, I cried.
It was the ultimate to finally meet her in person.
- Meeting Mr.Randy, I nearly cried.
- Seeing Emma, was too tired to cry by then.
- Arriving at the hotel and running into Nancy30 as she arrived.
The first zonie of many to meet that day.
- The club hotel rooms, and that ROBE. Felt like a princess.
- Jammie fest in Sherry's room Friday night.
- The chocolate covered strawberries were to die for.
- Meeting our US friends in person.
- Loved by the time our Sunday brunch came we all were mixed
up at different tables together.
- Loved the jammie fest Sunday night in the lobby.

Was a 4 day weekend to remember forever.


Oh the memories of this past weekend!!!!!!!!!
There are so many of them.

I felt like I have known all these women forever, I can't believe
how comfortable I felt around everyone.

The stories, the laughter, the tears. That hotel lobby will never be the same again

DO you think Joan ever found the bag she left on the bus??

DO you think Nancy 30 has been tramatized for life by creepy Hot Tub Man???

Will I make the switch from Downey to Bounce Sheets???

Oh yes the memories,,,,,,they will live forever in my mind

What a wonderful time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hmmm...where to start?

Meeting Sharon in the bathroom in the Minneapolis airport - and flying all
the way to Edmonton with her (and her powers of persuasion with the
hunters that not only switched seats so she and I could sit together on the
plane - but also wound up taking pics for us at the Edmonton airport!)

Thursday night hot tub (and that girl that wasn't with our
conference, but fit right into the group - funny when Nancy tried to
figure out "which one" she was!)

Whyte Ave with Vikki, Nancy, and Bruce - and finding those
"Pee-Pee Teepees" - the thought of them still cracks me up!

Laughing so hard that my cheeks turned flame-red
(Exhibit A: my yearbook photo)

Hangin' out in the WOW suite (seeing how the "other half" lived in
the suites vs. the riff-raff room)

Shopping at WEM with Vikki and Sharon - and watching Sharon get
that snooty clerk to give a discount on the jacket that had a spot on the
sleeve. And lunch at Tony Roma's - very good!

The Canadian Connection skit - so funny and clever!! And seeing Lissa in
the hat (and red tee) later that night...we all laughed so hard that night!

The brunch - the food was awesome! And it was so pretty - and big!!

The dinner in the rotating restaurant and our funny waiter.

Gambling on the nickel slots with Vikki and Lissa in the saddest
little casino in North America.

And of course, all the other conference festivities and new friends!
It was so much fun to meet all the other attendees - none of which I
had met in person before - but some I've known for years and years
online. They all felt like old friends instantly!

Not to forget to mention, I had the bestest roomie evah! Vikki kept
me in stitches (we make quite a - and was truly an a
mbassador for not only Canada, but Zonies in general!! It was truly
a joy and we agreed it was much like a "4 day slumber party".
(BTW Vikki - I don't think I'm giving you back your

All-in-all, it was so much fun. The planning and location were superb,
the company better! If anyone can make it to conference next year,
I promise it is SO worth it!!! I can't wait to
hear the details and book my room!!!!

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I don't even know where to start!!!!! There were just oo many memorable
times, starting right at the airport with the 8 of us flying out together.
We had no idea what Diane looked like but she knew us from the pics.
The flight was fun, as we finally all did get seats together.
The icing on the cake was Sher meeting us at the airport.

Most embarrasing moments were also a riot. I will never use
a bounce sheet without thinking of 1 special zonie and I'll laugh
every time I think of Snowy and her tales.

I'll never order a diet coke that isn't "big ass", EVER.

Dinner at La Ronde was very special and delicious as was the choc buffet
and Sunday brunch; won't be stepping on any scales for a long time.

But most of all, the special bond that we all shared, wherever we were.
It was so incredible. I miss everyone today and feel so lsad that it's all over.


This has been a really bittersweet day for me. I feel out of sorts today.
I was happy to get home and see my family and all that, but I keep
reliving my weekend and all the events.

There are so many things to remember... I think the first one for me
is walking through the airport towards my gate and seeing the TO and
North bay clan come to life right in front of my eyes. It was great. The flight
was fun andI couldn't ask for a nicer and more comforting group to travel with!
Some other things I'll remember are:

*the trip to WEM and finally seeing a place I'd only heard of before.
Really enjoyed zipping around the mall and meeting for lunch at Boston Pizza.
I'll remember Wendy as the bag lady who patiently waited for the rest
of us before lunch and when it was time to leave, holding on to our bags
for us so we could eek out the last few minutes of shopping time.
*the amazing meals and hospitality at the hotel. Every hotel employee I came
across was so polite and helpful and professional. Sherry, you have quite the staff.
*the river valley walk which was such a treat and a great time to walk and
chat. I'll never forget huffing and puffing up all those stairs and cheering
garden cat/Cathy who made it too even with child!
*the Sunday night dinner at the hotel with the awesome meal
and great dinner companions.
*just looking at the faces of my cyber friends through the weekend as
they made new friendships and thoroughly enjoyed themselves;
I loved seeing everyone laughing and having a good time
*being proud that our US friends came to a Canadian city and
saw all that Edmonton had to offer

Thank you all for the memories

harmony sky 
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This was such a wonderful weekend!

~Seeing Cathy (GardenCat) for the first time at the airport gate and not even
missing a beat! I knew who she was right away! Hugs were in order!
~Meeting Jenn in the bathroom! (and trying to hug her and not get
her wet after just washing my hands!)
~Being so surprised that the 3 hour plane ride was over so fast!
~For sure knowing I was gonna die on the Sky Shuttle!
~Getting to the hotel and seeing all the excited faces of everyone
who got to the conference early!
~The excitement of everyone coming in over the next two days.
~Having my own room and relaxing. I needed this vacation!
~Starting off with such good intentions and journaling!
~The FOOD!!!!!
~Staying in one of the best hotels I've ever been in: Sherry you should be
proud that you work in such a great place! The staff is fantastic!
~WEM!! I can't believe we walked so much! Didn't we all have fun?
~The quest for the black camisole!
~The other quest to find a Mountie!! I REALLY wanted dual citizenship!
~Spending Vikki's money and having so much fun doing it!
You look great, Vikki!
~Why didn't anyone tell me about loonies and twonies before this?
~Being in the hot tub on the top floor at 10pm and it
still being light outside!
~The warm and wonderful Canadians who made us
Americans feel right at home!
~Making new friends and revisiting with old ones!
Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity to be a part
of this circle of love and friendship!



Edmonton memories...I do have some of those!!

First of all though I want to say thank you to all you zonies who attended
conference. Thank you for the good time, the laughs, the feeling of love and
acceptance and for allowing me the opportunity to meet you all. Each and
every one of you were inspiring women and I feel blessed to have met you all.

Friday morning I awoke bright and early. Of course I was a little panicked
because the internet was down and I had no idea where Sher was meeting
Pam and I at the airport! Add that to the fact that I was nervous as h**l at
the prospect of flying and scared to meet you all! Met Pam at the airport and
the sweet person she is went right to work on making me feel comfortable.
We had a good flight...boy she was SOOOO excited that it made me even more
excited. When the plane landed I began to chuckle with excitement. I knew
that it was going to happen...I was going to get to meet zonies! Pam and I
were hoping that we would bump into the TO girls but we had just
missed them. As soon as we walked out to the baggage claim we saw
Sher standing there. It was WONDERFUL to finally meet her.
We did the hug thing and got our luggage.

On route to the hotel we were sharing some pleasantries and discussing
who would be there etc. Then we noticed that the traffic was a little
backed up. We saw there was something on the road but was not sure
what it was. Well the closer we got the clearer it became...there was
dead pig parts on the road! Apparently a truck carrying dead pig parts
had tossed its contents! It was too wierd seeing pig heads all over the
road! I had just been sharing that I had read a girl in the 20's ( think her
name is KIm) saying that when she reached goal she would sit on a lawn
chair and watch the pig fly...WELL I had seen the pig fly!! GOAL must
be happening...LOL! There were pig heads all over...saw them for like a
half a mile down the highway. Yeah WELCOME to EDMONTON!

Got to the hotel...and saw a few people milling about. Then I was touched
by the greatness of the zonies. Someone had left an envelope for Pam...inside
of it was the kindest letter...and a money gift. Of course she started to
cry and I was tearing up. Already I was realizing that you people are
truly amazing. Whoever left that gift wishes to be anon and I respect that.
I do want that person to know that their action blessed not only
Pam...but also me. Your love for Pam demonstrated for me just how true these
on line relationships really are. I love you for doing this.

Had my luggage taken to my room for me. I was actually enjoying that!
Walked in the room and saw this perky blond sitting on the other bed!
Yes I got to meet Nancy. I was not quite sure what to say to her...I mean
she worked in a school office and had been a WW leader...she must
be on the prim and proper side...oh wow I really cannot read them I
tell ya!! Nancy was very friendly...and I felt comfortable almost immediately!

The rest of the weekend started to happen...meeting everyone...being
overwhelmed so much that I did not talk...I was just looking at everyone and
trying to imprint their faces and voices in my brain. Sitting in Sher's suite I
was just overpowered with such a feeling of belonging. Just thinking of how
good it felt brings tears to my eyes! That was when I knew that I had
to thank God for being overwieght. I mean had I not been overwieght I
never would have stumbled across Dotti's...I would have never been so blessed
as to have met you wonderful people. I NEVER thought I would be thankful
to be overweight! ( that being said...I have met you all and am here to
stay God you can take the weight now ok?)

Obviously I am not going to continue this post by breaking down the
entire weekend! I would be here all day!
So I will just throw in some highlights...

- Going to the liquor store with Nancy, Anna Marie and Pam and
having the cashier guy wanting to know how to join our chat room!
- Trying on the clothes for CG fashion show...being told that a shirt
with a built in bra shelf would suffice for yeah I want these
people to see my knees!! LOL
-Listening to Nancy (snowy) talk about her back fat. Actually listening
to Nancy talk about anything was a riot! Love you girl! Bruce also of course!
-F.R.S...need I say more!
-WEM...thank you Anna Marie for being my tour guide. Oh and I will forgive
you for dragging me into that adult store...LOL...she made me go in there...LOL
-Getting dirty money streaks on my face in the casino in WEM and
having AM mother me by getting me wet ones. Darn she is a sweet lady!
-Joan forgetting her bag with her bra and panties on the bus.
I laughed so hard when she told me she was glad they had no skid marks
on them!! Joan you made me laugh so much. Thank you for that. Hugs and lots
of love to you and helped make Edmonton full of laughter!
-The wonderful food...'nuff said.
-The casino! I got to show Wendy how to play Keno. Also got to watch the
machine Nancy played pay out $700 to the man who played afer her!!
-Sitting in the lobby chatting up a storm til after 3am!!! That was SOOO
much fun. Serious bonding happened there! An added highlight
was the girls coming back to the bar with all their excitement they brought!
Tan needing pizza...Michelle needing coffee...! That was alot of fun..thank you
Tan, Michelle, Melissa, Loraine and whoever else were in the bar group that night!
-Talking to Nancy in our room. I asked her some serious questions about
how she felt before she lost her weight as opposed to after. I felt very
motivated and inspired by that conversation. It was great to have
someone who knew how I was feeling.
-Saturday night dinner was a hoot!! Sitting and listening to Terri talk
about a few things...and then have Lynda join in on the ladies
shocked me!! LOL I had so much fun! Then of course sharing the embarrasing
moment stories... Nancy you are just too funny!
-Going to that fancy restaurant. The food was EXCELLENT! Listening
to Melissa's waitressing tales had me cracking up. Spending sometime
with Sue and Sandy that evening was great aswell. Oh and Donna drove us
and well I was watching her to make sure she came to a complete stop when need be!
- Sunday night pj party in the lounge. That was fun ladies and Bruce. I was sure
I was gonna cry that night...just knowing that it was the last pj party
I would be having in a lounge for sometime...
- Listening to the ladies who had made goal speak. Oh my how inspiring.
To hear that life happens and it is ok to gain a few lbs...just have to be sure
to get back on the wagon. It is not the end of the world for me to have gained back
a few lbs...I Just have to get back to work! Sharon you are such a beautiful
lady...almost inspired me to bike ride..ALMOST! LOL Thank you all for sharing.
-Calling Carole. Was nice to hear her voice!
-seeing Emma and Randy.
-Doing the skit! That was alot of fun! Hats off to Pam for writing that for us! She
is such an amazing lady and I hope this weekend helped her realize it!
-Doing the fashion show. Felt like a dork but had a good time regardless!

I could go on and on and on...and to be honest I think I post a little long at times!
I want to share this quote I overhead Sharen (ideasbrewing) say..." Your
opinion is none of my business." I love that. I am going to remember that
whenever I worry what people will think of me....because what they
think of me is none of my is what I think of myself that counts!
See I got more out of this conference that sore sides and beer buzz!
I got that I am a capable woman...that I am likable...that I have something
to offer this world and darn it all no one can stop me if I put my mind to it!

Oh and I had to share another thing...going into Edmonton I saw pig heads...well
on our flight home I saw romance! You see a man on the plane got up midflight
and sang "You Are So Beautiful" to his girlfriend over the intercom thing...then he
proposed to her! Gosh it was sweet! So from pig heads on a road to love in the
air...WOW what a weekend!!

I am looking forward to next year girls! Until then I will hold these memories
close and look forward to the lower mainland luncheons. We are family...a
wonderful family indeed!
Love and blessings to you all!

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Hi everyone,

There are so many moments to share but I will try and keep it brief.
**Finally meeting Diane at the TO airport and seeing all the other gals.
**Seeing Sherry at the airport
**When the Sky Shuttle driver asks the TO girls what conference we were
in Edmonton for and Sue responded "Porn". We were struggling to find
how one would describe DWLZ to strangers.
**The City Centre Mall
**Meeting everyone the day we arrived and Sheila tried to be shy.
Finally meeting Donna on Friday night.
**The food ALL weekend
**Friday night in Sherry's room. OMG I thought Vikki
was a shy one but she's a flasher
**WEM and the "big ass" diet coke Nancy (snowey)
you are a WILD ONE and I love it.
**Saturday dinner and of course the most embarrassing moments.
Nancy 30 isn't very prim and proper everyone Nancy (snowey) wasting
things I think I may switch to Bounce Sheets Sheila
**Sunday Brunch and meeting Arlene finally.
**seeing Randy again and meeting Miss Emma
**the Lifetime and Big Loser Panel Discussion.
That was truly awesome. It had me in tears.
**The restaurant at the Crown Plaze.
**Of course the great company of everyone the entire weekend.
There were so many laughs and it was so great to finally meet everyone.

Well I tried to be brief.



I am so tired I feel like I am going to die, but just in case I do,
I should share a few memories:

--my first nap the first afternoon being ended by housekeeping
handing me chocolate. This was going to be good.

--it really was SO funny when Lissa said to the concierge, (who came up
to the room to deliver the elevation data) "So, Chris, how high are we?" and he
said, "I thought you were only drinking." They deadpanned and the rest of
us cracked up. All in a days' work at Sher's hotel I guess.

--finding that people seem to be either almost exactly what you
anticipated, or something very different. The Internet is such a bizarre
way of forming relationships, and you really need to hear the inflection
in someone's voice and see the twinkle in their eye.

--the memorable moment when Abdullah placed before Sher the note
that said that she would buy drinks that night..and he said so properly
something like, "Madam, are you aware that notes have been placed on the
window?" Really???????????? I can't imagine who would.......

might add more later but will post this now

............and my insult when Westjet tagged my bag HEAVY. At least they
haven't implemented any policy that combines body weight and luggage
weight or I will be in real trouble. Mine? I didn't even go to WEM and I slept
throught the clothing exhange. I can't imagine what the rest of you did?
(Hmm.. could it be that I "had" to bring a couple of bottles of Sutton Place
water as souvenirs, and things like candles and books are heavy?????? )


Where to begin?

~Racing around my house getting ready and being SOOO
excited about meeting everyone.
~Driving up to Edmonton and NOT speeding.
~Before and After Pictures in the slide are ALL amazing!
~Sitting in the "Royal Suite" with all the ladies trying new snacks
and meeting new friends.
~"99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall..."
~Caricatures and Jeff the Bartender slipping me
the names of all the bellhops.
~Dancing the night away at Cook County Saloon with Tania,
Melissa, Michelle and Denise. Luv ya girls!


Being as I was a "latecomer" to the reunion I don't have as many
memories to report as lot of you but I will always remember how warmly
I was greeted when I did get there on Sunday, I was second guessing my
decision to fly to Edmonton on Sunday morning and thinking I had made
a crazy decision but when everyone greeted me with such enthusiasm
I changed my mind in a quick hurry.

Because they were doing a contest when I entered the buffet I was
bombarded with people asking me to sign their notebooks - I signed
and got hugs and felt right at home in a matter of minutes. It was
wonderful to meet the zonies I have been chatting with for a long
time in person and meet new zonies from all over.

It was a wonderful experience even though it was short for me and
I hope I can attend next year to take it all in.



Thought that I would add my 2 bits here today too.

Having Zonie Withdrawal today I think.


*when Sandy and I walked into the Toronto airport, we weren't in there
more than two minutes and Sharon and Terri were calling out
our names. How nice.
*when we landed in Edmonton, I said jokingly how nice it would be
to have someone there to greet us, and there was Sher!!
*checking into the hotel was fast and easy. The hotel itself was great
and the rooms and all the staff were great. It seemed very quiet on
Monday and Tuesday when most of the people had left, and Sandy
and I were still hanging around.
*the food....need I say anything more?? I would go back just for the brunch!!
*just sitting around and talking with everyone. Everyone was
pretty much what I thought they would be like.
*WEM.....that's what I call shopping.
*wished I could have stayed up later and went out with the girls to
the "cowboy bar", but just didn't think I was going to make it.
*love the way that Melissa shopped in Coton Ginny.
She was definitely a girl on a mission.
*going to Cold Lake with Sandy on Monday was a nice treat. Am so
glad that we were able to do it. They almost didn't let us on the base,
because there was some big thing going on and security was tight!
(good thing I wasn't trying to bring on a "smoothie maker", we would
probably be in military jail by now, being harassed by some butch chicks!)
It was so much smaller than I remember. Once we got near to where we lived,
I was able to figure out where our house was no problem. The house was so
small. How we lived there with 6 people was beyond me. We parked the car
at our old school and walked around a bit. The street was so short, I
remember everything as so much bigger. Checked out where we used
to slide and play in the bush. Brought back so many memories, all
of them good. It was a great place to grow up, wished I could have
shared some of them with my Mom. She would have loved
hearing about everything.
*Sandy and I enjoyed our last evening there with Lissa and Tracey,
Brenda and Kelley. Fun chatting about different things and finding
out where everyone lived and what they did for a living.
*loved hearing about Melissa's waitressing stories and Sheila's questions
about the "Ben-Wah balls". Could have used some "Depends" that night.
*overall it was a great time.
*another benefit of the conference was now Sheila writes in paragraphs,
and it's so much easier to read!! Rock on.

I'm pretty sure that I can say a good time was had by all.
Keep coming back here to see if anyone has posted anymore pictures.



I'm going thru severe conference and zonie withdrawl. I'm at the library
and intended to chat and it won't let me

Everytime my friends ask me "how was your trip?" my response is a
very VERY emphatic "FABULOUS. It couldn't have been better."
And I mean that.

Highlights for me - wow - everyone has listed most of them already.
But I'll repeat them too.

Firstly I met Sheila at the airport. When we decided to leave her family and
go thru security, we asked her DH for the time - it was 9:11 - Sheila was in
panic mode overload. It was cute. I'd hoped to distract her off the take
off, but I looked over at her and her face was screwed up, eyes closed and
her fingers were in her ears. Every bump or turn the plane did
she'd ask "is that normal?"

Sher met us and it was so exciting to meet
her. Then the pig heads in the road had us laughing til the tears
were rolling and we hadn't even checked in yet.

At check in I received a fabulous gift/letter and then the tears
were flowing. When I got my room there was our big "goodie" bag
from Sherry and b-day gifts from Anna-Marie (my roomie) and Sher.
I was dumbfounded by all the generosity.

Being treated so well at Cotton Ginny as a model was a special treat.
Now I know what its like to have people "wait" on you in a clothing
store. It was nice to not feel guilty to shop and NOT buy!

FRS - I will always laugh

Jammie fests - what a blast

Anna-Marie - you are the greatest roomie.
And discovering that we had matching PJ's.

Laughing at the little "dribble" on the chair left by
Anna-Marie and her claiming her beer spilt.

Putting notes on the window at LaRonde and being told
"this is a fancy place and NOT to" (even though its done at
Pacific Towers in Vancouver - I guess Edmonton is
classier - even though pigs fly there!)

Having my purse searched at the Edmonton airport and then
"dusted" - and being told it wasn't necessary for me to know why.
Thank goodness I didn't have a smoothie blade in there!

Sprinting through WEM to get my photos and having a whole
group of zonies calling "PAMMM" and me yelling back
"I've got to get my photos" and kept on running.
(as if the bus would leave me behind. )

Watching a marriage proposal on the airplane home.

Zonie - Moderator/Supporter

This is such a FUN thread to read!!! Thanks to EVERYONE
for sharing their memories of the weekend!

My Memories....

Having coffee with the first zonie to arrive – Brenda! (bzrenew)

Meeting Lissa, Tracy, & Kelly for the first time in their room!

Seeing Joan’s & Lorraine’s shoes for the first time!
Crème de Caramel at the Latitude Restaurant on
Whyte Ave (thanks to my old boss)

Watching everyone ooogle and awe over the
chocolate at the chocoholic buffet!

Meeting the plane of Ontario zonies at the airport!

Meeting the next plane to land with Sheila & Pam on it!

Driving Sheila & Pam into Edmonton to show them
where pigs fly!!!!!! OMG!!!

Watching everyone go CRAZY during the BINGO game (Randy
said he could hear everyone from the lobby level
when he came into the hotel!)

Watching the dynamics of everyone meeting
(seeing the smiles, the laughter)

Having everyone over for the jammie fest and
trying to keep my eyes open

Reading the kind posts that Donna left about my
efforts for the conference

Watching everyone ask the bus driver for his name
for the passport game!

Telling everyone to bring comfortable shoes to WEM and then
having to buy some for myself at the mall because I didn’t!

Seeing Sharon bolt through WEM to Mark’s Work Warehouse
for bargain shoes AFTER Teri had pushed her around
in the wheelchair all day

Receiving the angel pig gift from Brenda & Kathy so that
I’ll always remember the Pigs that Fly here!

Dessert on Saturday night with sparklers and the birthday song!

The Canadian skit and the American Introductions!

The Caricature Guy and all the fun everyone had getting
their own caricature!

Going to bed and sleeping on Saturday night!

Having Arlene join us on Sunday (finally one other person
besides me that smokes to go with me)

Seeing Becky "sample" those desserts at the brunch after the day
before when she was quite upset there was no fat-free yogurt available
(temptation gets to the best of us)

The incredible jewelry that I bought from Fifth Avenue Jewelry

Panicking when the Elizabeth Arden lady didn’t show up

Calling cbcoaster (Carole) on the phone for a conference call and she
had to ask “who was calling”

The fashion show and the SMILES!

Seeing my puppy Emma after being away for 2 days

Feeling so proud of my employees and how well
they looked after everyone

The incredible stories of those on the panel discussion
and the emotion and passion felt by all

Receiving that INCREDIBLE basket of gifts from everyone and hearing
how much everyone enjoyed their weekend……. Yes – it WAS one of the
few moments in my life where I was speechless!

The shock when I saw we were getting prime-rib for dinner on
Sunday night instead of chicken!

Trying to pretend not knowing what the waiter was talking about at
LaRonde when he asked me if I knew about the notes that
were going around on the window!

Although it was a sad time….. it still meant a lot to get all
those hugs on Saturday night

My staff telling me that all my friends were in the lobby
the night before in their jammies!

Opening all the gifts and cards I received and feeling so
privileged to know you ALL!

Sleeping in on Monday morning!

Sherry (In Canada)


Here's a few of mine~

~ Meeting Sherry for coffee/tea.
Almost like we'd been friends for years.
~ FRS and FRSW
~ Lunch on friday (or was it thursday) and "free" desserts,
what is a point anyway?
~ Having to wait to be picked up in the elevator by the "club floor"
gals! Good thing I was cheap.
~ Kisses from Emma
~ Getting my Canadian accent back in no time!
~ Having Snowy identify everyone in the hot tub...
how the heck did she do that??
~ The chocolate buffet, twice!!
~ Lot's of laughter!
~ Getting together with Sherry on Tues afternoon
for a final goodby (until next year)


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