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August 22, 2007    
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Good afternoon everyone!  What a nice, cool day it is here in the Great Northwest.  We've been having some wonderfully cool weather to enjoy and some much needed rain since we usually don't see much of that in August.  I've been reading about a lot of kids already starting back to school!  WOW!  Is it really that time already?   This is also the time of the year when many people start or continue their weight loss Journey.  September and January are the two busiest months for weight loss businesses and gyms.  So, is this your time to recommit to your Journey or start a new Journey to a new you?

Let's get settled in our most comfy chair with our tall glass of refreshing water.  Don't forget that beautiful SMILE of yours.  I love seeing smiling faces!

Recommitting to Your Journey

So, how many of you out there are ready to recommit to your Journey?  Many of us, including myself, have been on our Journey for awhile but at different times in our life we have gotten off track and away from taking care of ourselves.  Yes, we know what we have to do but for some reason just stop doing what it takes to stay on Program.

I'd like to start out by sharing an inspiration from an awesome book, Chicken Soup for the Dieter's Soul ~

We are important people.  Perhaps I need to put that in bold print: We are important. There is only one person exactly like you in the whole world.  We've been given all the gifts we need to become the absolute best people we were intended to be.  We have strength of character.  Determination.  Intelligence.  Willingness to learn.  The power to forgive and be forgiven.  We have the ability to say no to ice cream, candy bars, grease-bomb hamburgers, shakes, sodas, fries, pies and even milk balls.  We are smart enough to walk in that grocery store and spend most of our money in the produce section.  We are amazing, aren't we?   ~ Chicken Soup for the Dieter's Soul

That passage just says it all, doesn't it?  We know deep down inside that we are strong enough and determined enough to get back on the right path of our Journey.  We are important.  We are important enough to take care of ourselves by eating healthy, exercising, making special time for ourselves and being the best we can be.  You can do this. Is it going to be easy?  No.  You are going to have to work hard at staying committed to your Journey. 

I have had my own shares of ups and downs and taking side trips that resulted in more weight gain.  I had a good year and lost about 40 lbs.  I then pretty much maintained for awhile.  For some reason my next step was to just let go of everything I knew I needed to do and guess what happened?  You got it.  I gained back most of what I lost in that good year.  There are many "excuses" I could give you but that's just what they are, excuses.  I'm the one who took my eye off the Journey.  I never gave up wanting my healthy lifestyle but I gave up doing what I needed to do to attain and maintain my healthy lifestyle.  When I have these setbacks I like to remember a quote someone posted on our Message Boards a couple of years ago ~

A setback is a setup for a comeback.

We have to always keep in mind that there is always another chance for us.  We can have a fresh start any time we want.  "Failure" is not the falling down.  "Failure" is the staying down.  Don't you stay down!  You are important! 

Let's talk a little about what we are going to do to recommit to our Journey.  Let's start with the basics that you can do without any specific weight loss program. 

1.  Eat more vegetables.  Did you know that vegetables have a fraction of the calories that fats, meats and starches have, ounce for ounce.  Filling up on more vegetables keeps you feeling fuller leaving less room for the higher calorie foods.  Try putting out a vegetable platter and much on them during the day.

2.  Eat smaller portions.  Gradually cut down on your portions at meal time. Why not try using a smaller dinner plate; maybe a salad plate.  You will eat less if there is less food in front of you. Do the same with your liquids.  Use an 8-oz glass instead of the usual 16-oz glasses.  This "trick" really works.

3.  Exercise more.  Exercise burns calories but more importantly you'll build muscle that will boost your metabolism.  Walk 45 minutes a day.  A Duke University study found that 30 minutes of daily walking is enough to prevent weight gain but exercising past the 30 minutes results in weight and fat loss.  Amazing what 15 extra minutes a day will do!

4.  Drink your water.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep you hydrated, especially before a workout at the gym. Get in at least six 8-ozs of water a day.  I fill four 32-oz water bottles in the morning and try to drink them before I go to bed.  I do use the Propel packets, which give me a little flavor in my water. 

5.  Write it down. It's been proven that by writing down what you eat and drink you are better able to stay on track.  It's so easy to forget that little piece of candy or that can of pop.  Take responsibility.

6.  Eat five or six small meals or snacks a day instead of three large meals.  This is what worked really well for me in 1998 when I lost about 100 lbs to reach my Goal.  The reason this idea works is your body releases less insulin which keeps blood sugar steady and controls your hunger.  When I do this I am never "starving" at any particular time during the day, which in term kept me from overeating.

7.  Keep thinking positively.  If you repeat positive thoughts to yourself—I can lose weight, I will walk today, I know I can resist the dessert cart at the restaurant—you will find they will become their own self-fulfilling prophecy.  Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right.  A great idea ~ Type up a bunch of inspiring and motivating quotes and print them on pretty colored paper.  Cut out the quotes, fold them and put them in a pretty, decorated bowl or container.  Pull one out every morning to start your day inspired.

8. Get some group support.  I myself like the Weight Watcher program because they emphasize group support and have weekly meetings.  Of course, another way to get some group support is through Message Boards on the internet.  I have met many of our Zonies that post on our Message Board and the support is unmeasureable.  However you decide to gain some support make sure the group is supportive and makes you feel good. 

9.  Find a weight loss program.  When searching for a weight loss program try to keep these things in mind ~

     Does the program eliminate food groups?  We need all the food groups to be nutritionally healthy in our eating.  Not only that, if you eliminate food groups you will be denying yourself foods you crave and sooner or later you will indulge, going off the program.
     Does the program offer group support?  Group support is a way to bond with others on the same Journey as yourself.  Group support gives you the chance to learn from others and to offer support to others. 
     Does the program teach lifestyle changes along with healthy eating?  You want to make sure whatever program you use you are going to be able to make it a lifestyle and not a diet, which is temporary.
     Is the program affordable?  Let's face it.  Many cannot afford these expensive weight loss programs.  Try to find one that fits your budget which will in turn cut down on the stress factor which in turn will help with stress eating.

10. Make a list of the reasons why you want this healthy lifestyle.  This will help you remember why you want to stay on this Journey.  There are many reasons on my list, the first being I want to lose weight.  By losing weight my joints and my knees will not hurt as much.  I also want to eat healthier which in turn will help me feel better and have more energy. After you've completed your list, place it somewhere you can see it all the time.  You will be surprised how that is motivation in itself. 

11. Gather all your "tools for success".  I have several "tools for success" I use when I'm working my Program.  One, of course, is the Weight Watcher Point System and guidelines.  The other in my "Enjoying Weight Loss" Hypnosis CD's by Dr. Roberta Temes which supply my never-ending motivation and FOCUS to stay on my Journey.  Of course, just gathering your "tools for success" is not enough.  If you don't use them, they don't work.  I know.  I've been there and got the tee shirt.  Several times. 

Okay, I think we are all ready to recommit to our Journey.  What do you think?  How many of you are planning to join me?  I went back to my Weight Watcher meetings today (thank you so much Ann) and my leader Renee, who saw me to Goal in 1998 and who will see me to Goal this time also.  I have to tell you guys; it was awesome walking back through those doors - like coming home (it's been since sometime in 2002 since I've been back).  I knew this was it; this was the time for me to get back down to goal. Is this going to be the time for you?  I think so!  Go for it!

You have to think thin to be thin.

One Day at a Time, No Guilt & Move On

Good luck and remember to SMILE that beautiful smile of yours all the time. You will cheer up all those you come in contact with, leaving you with a good feeling. It doesn't get any better than that.  Take care until our next visit.

Hugs! Dotti    


I have these two magnets hanging on my refrigerator to remind me that I am important.

"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle."
~~Christian D. Larson

"All things splendid have been achieved by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance..." ~~Bruce Barton

Come Join the Fun!   Online Friendships are real friendships 

Do you want some extra support during your Journey? Would you like to have a place you can call "home," where you can be yourself? Our Message Board is just the place.  It's home to all our Zonie friends who share their Journey experiences and are always willing and ready to offer support, laughs, friendship and Hugs! ~ 24/7.  Our DWLZ Message Board is at:  Don't forget to register if you haven't already done so. 

"Enjoying Weight Loss" by Roberta Temes

As many of you know, I use Dr. Roberta’s Enjoying Weight Loss Hypnosis CDs as one of my "tools" on my lifelong Journey to a healthier me. They continue to be an irreplaceable part of my Journey back to goal.

I am happy to see that the Hypnosis Network is continuing to offer Dr. Roberta’s Enjoying Weight Loss Hypnosis CDs for $97. For anyone who is "hypnosis-friendly" (about 90% of the human population can derive some benefit from hypnosis) the money could not be better spent. If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Roberta’s Enjoying Weight Loss Hypnosis CDs you can read our review at I would not recommend them if they hadn't of worked for me.

Here is what the Hypnosis Network says:

Dr. Roberta’s Enjoying Weight Loss was tested and recommended by the National Health & Wellness Club.

In the National Health & Wellness Club's Product Test Program, club members conduct their own independent tests of health and wellness products. The fifty independent testers who tried Enjoying Weight Loss gave the program a 92% approval rating.

The Hypnosis Network is still offering a special on the Enjoying Weight Loss CDs. The Enjoying Weight Loss CDs are only $97, a savings of $22 off the regular price. They are also including the Mental Toughness CD.

Click Here to go directly to their site and find out more about the Hypnosis Network, and how you can order your CDs.

Thank you to all of you who continue to be there for me and support me in my Journey to becoming a healthier me. Thank you for caring. 

Always remember, "If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got."

Hugs! Dotti   

Low Sodium Alternatives - Prepared Foods

When buying prepared foods try to use foods that contain less than 500 mg sodium per serving. Below are some lower-sodium alternatives when buying prepared foods.

In place of
Sodium (mg)
Sodium (mg)
La Choy Soy Sauce
(1 tbsp)
1260 La Choy Lite Soy Sauce
(1 tbsp)
Del Monte Whole Leaf Spinach,
canned (1/2 cup)
360 Fresh spinach, cooked
(1/2 cup)
Nabisco Original Premium
Saltines (5)
180 Nabisco Low Sodium
Premium Saltines (5)
Pasta Roni, Herb & Butter
(1 cup)
710 Ronzoni Bow Ties
(1 cup)


Campbell's Classics Vegetable
Beef Soup (1/2 cup)


Campbell's Healthy Request
Vegetable Beef Soup (1/2 cup)
Ore-Ida Twice Baked Potato,
Garlic Parmesan (1)
390 Baked Potato (1) 4
Ragu Old World Style Flavored
With Meat (1/2 cup)
800 Ragu Light Chunky Mushroom
& Garlic Spaghetti Sauce (1/2 cup)
Post Raisin Bran (1 cup) 360 Kellogg's All-Bran (1 cup) 130
Stouffer's Chicken Parmigiana
(1 package)
1,060 Healthy Choice Cheese
Ravioli (1 package)
Oscar Meyer Deli-Style Brown
Sugar Ham (2 oz)
812 Boar's Head Deluxe Ham, Lower
Sodium (2 oz)

~~~Reader's Digest Stealth Health

Software You Can Use!

A Note Weight Commander

The Weight Commander is an awesome program for your Journey.  I highly recommend it to all those who are on a Journey of their own.  It is a wonderful program to track your progress on any weight loss program you are using.  You can read My Review of the Weight Commander or go straight to the source and check out this great software by following this link to Weight Commander. He has many tips and ideas throughout his program which will help you to be successful on your Journey. 

Red & Yellow Pepper Omelets

Makes 2 servings

This omelet is a great way to cut down on your cholesterol.  Try some salsa with this - Yum!

          1 tsp olive oil (I prefer to use Pam Cooking Spray)
          1 sweet red pepper, sliced thin
          1 yellow pepper, sliced thin
          4 egg whites or eggbeaters (which I use; love the Southwestern ones)
          1/2 tsp basil
          Pepper to taste
          2 tsps grated Parmesan cheese, divided

Spray a non-stick frying pan with Pam or warm olive oil over medium heat. Cook the red and yellow peppers just until tender.  In a small bowl, whisk together the egg whites, basil and a bit of pepper.  Coat a small non-stick frying pan with Pam; heat on medium-high heat for 1 minute.  Add half the egg mixture and cook for about 30 seconds or until egg is firm.  Flip and cook for another minute, until firm.

Sprinkle half of the peppers over the eggs.  Fold to enclose the filling.  Transfer to a plate and sprinkle with 1 tsp of the Parmesan.  Repeat with the remaining egg mixture.  Enjoy!

Per serving: 85 Calories, 3 g Total Fat, 151 mg Sodium, 1.2 g Dietary Fiber, 2 mg Cholesterol

~~~Recipe Adapted from New Vegetarian Cuisine ~ Prevention Magazine

Penny's Low Fat Desserts 

A Note Note from Penny

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Muffin Flavors:  Zucchini, Orange-Cranberry, Apple Cinnamon, Cherry, Raspberry, Black Forest, Lemon Poppy, Blueberry, Banana, Strawberry-Banana.  2 Assortment Boxes are available.

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If you haven't tried some of Penny's Low Fat Desserts, why not try some now why she is running this special. I guarantee you will love them as much as I do.  ~ Dotti

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Comic Relief 

Chocolate Tips & Facts

If you get melted chocolate all over your hands, you're eating it too slowly.

Chocolate covered raisins, cherries, orange slices & strawberries all count as fruit, so eat as many as you want.

Problem: How to get 2 pounds of chocolate home from the store in hot car. Solution: Eat it in the parking lot.

Diet tip: Eat a chocolate bar before each meal. It'll take the edge off your appetite and you'll eat less.

A nice box of chocolates provides your total daily intake of calories in one place. Isn't that handy?

If you can't eat all your chocolate, it will keep in the freezer. *But if you can't eat all your chocolate, it may be a sign of a deeper problem.

If calories are an issue, store your chocolate on top of the fridge.  Calories are afraid of heights, and they will jump out of the chocolate to protect themselves.

Equal amounts of dark chocolate and white chocolate, is a balanced diet.

Two phrases: Money talks. Chocolate sings.

The preservatives in chocolate make you look younger.

Q. Why is there no such organization as Chocoholics Anonymous?  A. Because no one wants to quit.

If not for chocolate, there would be no need for control top pantyhose.  An entire garment industry would be devastated.

Put "eat chocolate" at the top of your list of things to do today.  That way, at least you'll get one thing done.

~~~Thank you Donna R.

Pizza Fit'n Free 

A Note Note from Pizza Fit'n Free

Pizza Free

It’s that time of year where people start breaking their diets and eating their favorite foods again.  Are you missing your favorite foods? Well now you don’t have to miss Pizza ever again. Pizza Fit’n Free is Fat Free and only 252 Calories for the entire 7” Pizza. Pizza Free is only 4 Points® on Weight Watchers® or one meal if you are on Nutrisystem®. Visit us online at for more information on our revolutionary product.

I love these pizzas. I like to add fresh veggies and some turkey
pepperoni before baking.  ~ Dotti

Nutrition Facts:  

Note: Points® is a registered trademark of Weight Watchers International, Inc. The Points® values displayed were calculated by Pizza Fit'n Free, and is not an endorsement or sponsorship of Pizza Fit’n Free’s products by Weight Watchers International, Inc.

Food Finds

The other day I discovered some Sugar Free Carnation Instant Breakfast.  I tried the Rich Milk Chocolate.  Instead of skim milk I added the packet to some of the Vanilla Unsweetened Almond Breeze (included the info again for you), which is only 60 calories. It was delicious and I didn't have to use many calories and it was good for me.  Try it, you'll like it! I also discovered two new cold cereals.

          Carnation Instant Breakfast, No Sugar Added, Rich Milk Chocolate,
             1 packet [60 calories/0.5 g fat/4 g fiber/12 g carbs]
          Almond Breeze, Non-Dairy Beverage, Unsweetened Vanilla (Blue Diamond Natural),
            1 cup [40 cal/3 g fat/1 g fiber/2 g carbs]
          Almond Breeze, Non-Dairy Beverage, Unsweetened Chocolate (Blue Diamond Natural),
            1 cup [45 cal/3.5 g fat/1 g fiber/3 g carbs]
          Special K Chocolately Delight, 3/4 cup [120 calories/2 g fat/1 g fiber/25 g carbs]
          Special K Vanilla Almond, 3/4 cup [110 calories/1.5 g fat/1 g fiber/25 g carbs]

Vitalicious - Vitamin-fortified, delicious, better-for-you baked goods

A Note Note from Vitalicious

Vitalicious has just come out with a brand new Golden Corn VitaTop. These Golden Corn Vita Tops (per 2 oz) have 100 calories, 1 g fat, 6 g fiber, 4 g protein and 135 mg sodium. Why not try some today while they are still running a 10% discount [use Coupon Code WDOT83107 - ends 8/31/07] 


Use Coupon Code

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While visiting Vitalicious, don't forget to check out their VitaMuffins
which are fortified with at least 15 essential daily vitamins and minerals.
Look at this great selection: BlueBran, CranBran, MultiBran,
, Deep Chocolate, Low-Carb/Sugar-Free
and Velvety chocolate, VitaBrownie, and
Double Chocolate Dream

I have tried their VitaTops, VitaMuffins and VitaBrownies and love them
all. They are healthy, taste great and fit within any program you are
using to attain your healthy new lifestyle. ~ Dotti

Salty Snacks - 100 calories

          Potato Chips, 12
          Corn Chips, 8
          Baked Tortilla Chips, 10
          Tortilla Chips, 8

          Ak-Mak, 4
          Rice Cakes, regular size, 2
          Rye Wafers (like Ryvita), 4
          Peanut Butter-Filled Crackers, 2 sandwiches
          Wheat Thins, reduced fat, 15
          Ritz Bits, 25
          Triscuits, 4

          Pretzels, thin sticks, 20
          Peanut Butter-Filled Pretzel Nuggets, 6
          Soft Pretzel, about 1/3 of pretzel

          Air-Popped popcorn or popcorn popped in a pot, 3 cups
          Popcorn Cakes, 2
          Cheddar Cheese Popcorn, 1 cup
          Microwave Popcorn, butter flavor, 1 cup

~~~Change One by John Hastings

Baja Bob's Cocktail Mixes ~ Home of the Original Sugar-Free Margarita Mix 

A Note Note from Baja Bob's

Try some Baja Bob's Sugar Free Cocktail Mixes today - enter Code dotti10
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Baja Bobs

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The growing popularity of the Weight Watchers Diet, combined with Baja Bob's incredible taste, has helped to push this cocktail mix leader into the mainstream. Baja Bob's newest release, Mojito Mix, follows their other popular flavors. All of the Baja Bob's cocktail mixes contain approximately 70-100% less calories and carbs than traditional mixes sweetened with high fructose corn syrup making these mixes the perfect Weight Watchers addition.

Baja Bob's mixes are great with or without alcohol, allowing people who are watching their weight, or those who are forced to watch their sugar intake due to health reasons the opportunity to enjoy the great taste of a cocktail.

Baja Bob's cocktail mixes come in several flavors: Original Margarita, Wild Strawberry Margarita, Desert Key Lime Margarita, Crazy Caribe Pina Colada,  Loco Lemon Sweet & Sour, Maui Madness Mai Tai, Cranberry Cosmo Martini Mix, Sour Apple Martini Mix, and more to come...

Did you know...?

Our Journey is not just about weight loss; it's about constantly learning new things...

When the Ore-Ida frozen french fry brand started, they operated out of both Ontario, OR and Barley, Idaho.  So when it came time to pick a name, they combined the Ore from Oregon and Ida from Idaho.

On what two days do Americans eat the most food?  According to a survey by Hallmark Cards, the biggest day for food consumption in American homes is Thanksgiving.  The day that ranks second is Super Bowl Sunday.

Michael Dell was nineteen years old when he founded the Dell Computer Corporation in 1984 after briefly attending the University of Texas.  He started the now-billion-dollar company with just $1,000.  In 1992, Michael became the youngest CEO in history to head up a Fortune 500 company.  He was just 27 years old.

~~~Strange & Fascinating Facts About Famous Brands by Charles Reichblum

Al's Essays on Weight Loss and Maintenance

Al has written many in depth essays on Weight Loss and Maintenance and they are now available on the website!   

Al has also added links on his Essays Page to his other articles on DWLZ, so you can find all of them easier.

"You are worth whatever it takes to make your success a reality.
Always believe that because it is the truth!"

You can find Al's Essays on Weight Loss and Maintenance at:

"Weights" to Think About

Instead of focusing on just one "weight" let's try looking at some different "weights".  Write them down in your journal and ponder on how you feel about your Acceptable weight.

Dream weight - Your Dream weight is one you would choose if you could weigh any weight you want.

Happy weight - Your Happy weight is not the one you'd choose for your ideal weight. This is the weight you'd be happy with if you weighed only this much.

Acceptable weight - Your acceptable weight would not make you particularly happy, but you could be satisfied with it.

Disappointed weight - Your Disappointed weight is one that would not be acceptable in any way.

Never-again weight - Your Never-again weight is your all-time high and a number you never want to see again!

PurFoods Fitness 

WE— shop, cook, &
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YOU— eat healthy!

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Fresh, Healthy Food Delivered To You

How would you like a personal chef and nutritionist to do all your food shopping and cooking? You would never again worry about eating healthy and you’ll save so much time. PurFoods Fitness makes it happen.

With PurFoods Fitness, you design your own personalized meal program from hundreds of delicious meals tailored to your tastes and healthy eating goals. PurFoods Fitness’ award-winning chefs prepare your meals and ship them fresh – never frozen – right to your door. Each week, a box of healthy, great-tasting meals and snacks arrives. No more shopping, cooking, or worrying about portion sizes and fat content. Eating healthy has never been this convenient.

Their food is absolutely delicious!  I loved how it was delivered fresh to my door, ready to eat for whenever I wanted.

Click Here to read our review of PurFoods Fitness ~ we have tried these meals and they are absolutely delicious! 

If you prefer you can Click Here to go directly to the PurFoods Fitness website to find out more about this wonderful program.

DWLZ Cookbooks One and Two

Have you ordered your DWLZ Cookbooks yet? These cookbooks are filled with recipes that are Zonies' favorites, dishes that are delicious but on program, with nutritional information listed. This is two books in one package: DWLZ Cookbooks Volumes One and Two. The recipes are easy to make and don't use hard-to-find items. They are together in one PDF file, viewable in your free Acrobat Reader (Version 5 and higher). These make wonderful gifts.

DWLZ Website Updates

All my updates can be found on the Message Board in the DWLZ Website News & Updates forum at:

US restaurant updates can be found at our Restaurants TOC page at:

          Bob Evans - completely updated
          Captain D's - completely updated
          Carino's Italian Grill
           Jamba Juice - new items
          Rita's Sugar Free Ices

New Restaurants Added
          Bahama Bucks
          L&L Hawaiian Barbecue
          Which Wich
          Wow Bao

Canadian restaurant updates can be found at our Canadian Restaurants TOC page at:

"My success is measured by my willingness to keep trying." ~~~Anonymous


Until our next visit, always keep in mind you are never alone on this Journey.  We are all here with you, right beside you, rooting you on. 

Take care until next time...

Hugs! Dotti    

"I cannot relive yesterday and tomorrow isnít here yet, so I will just deal with today." ~Dotti

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