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Please feel free to read these weight loss and maintenance essays in any order that you wish. While the first one lays the foundation for all the rest, each essay will more or less stand on its own. The topics are ones that I think you will find most helpfull.

However, if you feel that I need to focus on something that has not sufficiently been covered here, I would love to hear from you! I intend to add to this area as time goes by, and your help in choosing what topics would be most useful to you would be warmly welcomed by me.

You will find enough material here to fill a small book. I hope that you will enjoy reading it, but even more; I hope that you will find something (maybe many things) to help make your weight loss journey easier, and more successful. I wrote this for you, and even if I have never had the pleasure of meeting you personally, I still hope that you will find your path and the strength to walk it. You are worth whatever it takes to make your success a reality. Always believe that because it is the truth!

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Let's Talk About Weight Loss...
What Do You Have To Lose?

The Reasonable Journey
Why do you want to lose weight? Why should you try? Are there bad reasons for trying to lose weight? Should you go on a weight loss journey? And what do you do when the road gets bumpy? We cover a lot of ground in this discussion but I think you will find it worth your time.
-First Published: September 15, 2005; DWLZ E-Letter

Goal and Goals
We are familiar with the term, running around like a chicken with his head cut off. It is used to describe unplanned action, that has no clear purpose. In this essay we go over how to plan your weight loss journey by setting good and workable goals. Don't leave your success up to chance, plan for it!
-First Published: October 15, 2005; DWLZ E-Letter

Motivation: Stoking the Fire
"Don't just sit there, do something!" That is far easier said than done. The hardest part of any weight loss journey is the mental aspect. If you are motivated, taking action is easy. If you are not, all of your willpower is not not enough to move you. Read about how to build your fire, and make your journey a dynamic success!
-First Published: November 15, 2005; DWLZ E-Letter

Journaling: Slavery or Salvation?
"I hate to journal!" I can't count how many times that I have heard someone say that. But what is the real story with journaling? Is just a piece of drugery and something you will alway hate, or is their a way that you can learn to love it? Is it slavery or the path to your success on our your weight loss journey? This essay goes deep into the topic of journaling and you may find a surprise or two here. Get out your pen and notebook, I think you are going to need them!
-First Published: December 15, 2005; DWLZ E-Letter

Just a Moment!
Time is your friend, if you let it be. This moment is your opportunity to choose. What will it be? In this essay we take a look at time and timing. Reading this just might be the best use of your time right now!
-First Published: January 15, 2006; DWLZ E-Letter

With Maintenance in Mind (It's Not Just For Your Endgame Anymore!)
"Maintenance is NOT a number on the scale, but it is the process of living a lifestyle that will keep you thin and healthy. Since the same process that you use for Maintenance will also help you to lose weight, why wait?"
-First Published: February 15, 2006; DWLZ E-Letter

The Easy Part of Weight Loss - By the Numbers
"All Weight Loss Has a Scientific Heart: Just like with getting a plane into the air, science, not magic, is what makes weight loss happen." It is using your head that will ultimately take you to your goal. Here is a sensible approach to helping you lose weight.
-First Published: March 15, 2006; DWLZ E-Letter

Feeding your Engine
"Knowledge is not enough all by itself. We need to have many tools in our weight loss journey toolbox in order to be successful. However, knowledge can be a very powerful help when we allow it to be." In this essay we discuss exactly what is going on with Calories and weight, and how you can put that knowledge to work for you.
-First Published: April 15, 2006; DWLZ E-Letter

Doing What Must Be Done
Did you know you have tremendous resources available to you to help you succeed on your weight loss journey? You can fight and win the battle that has always gone against you in the past. This time will be diffent, because you are going to be different. You are going to do what must be done, and you are going to find out that it isn't the impossible dream. You can do it!
-First Published: May 15, 2006; DWLZ E-Letter

Do you love to exercise? Do you hate to exercise? Is it impossible to find time to exercise? What is the big deal anyway? Who needs it? Come with me and let's take a walk, and let me explain a few things about exericise. I learned a lot researching this essay and I would like to share it with you.
-First Published: June 15, 2006; DWLZ E-Letter

Throwing Out The Garbage
You are awesome, and it is time that you admit it. If you don't believe that, you really need to read this essay, because you will have a whole new way of looking at yourself after you do!
-First Published: July 15, 2006; DWLZ E-Letter

Television and Weight Loss
Which burns more calories: sleeping, or watching TV? You may be surprised by the answer!
-First Published: July 15, 2006; DWLZ E-Letter

Crazy Claims
Who are they kidding? Apparently it's us!
-First Published: July 15, 2006; DWLZ E-Letter

The Results Are In
Putting excuses aside for a moment may just open the door to success. Let's talk about it.
-First Published: August 15, 2006; DWLZ E-Letter

When the Fire Goes Out
Passion, commitment, and a successful journey when things go flat.
-First Published: February 6, 2008; Dotti's Newsletter Issue #41

Exercise Complications
Going too far with a really good thing.
-First Published: July 13, 2008; Right here

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