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Weight Commander

When you're serious about losing weight

It has been sitting there right at the top of Dotti’s web page. . .

. . . just about as long as there has been a web page, but I have only just now gotten around to seriously test-driving the
Weight Commander
the last couple of days, and it has been fun! When I put in my daily weigh-in data,
Weight Commander does cool things with it:

  • It graphs my daily weigh-ins automatically

  • It not only shows the actual weight, but also the trend line for how my weigh-ins have been going over time.

  • It analyzes your data and can identify problem days. (It picked right up on the fact that Saturdays are bad for me because that is my weigh-in day, and after my weigh-in, I let down.)

  • Hit the FUTURE button and it will project where I will be 12 weeks from now if I don't change what I am doing.
In addition to that it is loaded with other helpful features:
  • Menu ideas

  • Foods you might find helpful to remain OP

  • Motivational Quotes

  • Motivational Stories

  • Nuggets of Wisdom

  • Calculator: How many calories you need to maintain your weight

  • Calculator: Built in arithmetic functions for your convenience.

Also Weight Commander is not static!

Weight Commander changes from time to time, with new buttons popping up and new helpful comments, often based upon how you have been recently doing.

Underlying it all is Michael's great sense of humor. You will feel like you are sharing some time with a friend when you run the program each day. And it has really helped me get back my edge for staying OP.

I look forward to running Weight Commander to input my daily weight and to see what new surprise awaits me. I can tell the difference in how my journey is going right now because of the influence this great little program is having.

At under $10, this is an under priced piece of software, and you can download it for free and test it out before deciding if you like Weight Commander—and you ARE going to like it! And you will like Michael too!

Of course Dotti checked this out a long time ago, and you can read her comments right below. However, I didn't really try it out, because I have been doing my own thing on tracking my data, as you already know if you have been reading my journal. But even with all the stuff my numbers have told me, I still am learning new things from the Weight Commander!

Weight Commander has a friendly feel to it, far more personable than other software. Michael has a good sense of humor and has put that into his program, along with his caring nature; he wants you to succeed, and you can tell that is what this program is about!

What do you have to lose? (I had about 10 pounds myself, and it is leaving quickly!)


Check out the online version of Weight Commander available.
It can be used from any computer you're at and even works
on a cell phone or PDA.  Really cool! And there's no
monthly fee, just a one time payment.
 to see the on-line version.

Michael's Weight Commander Program is an awesome program and a great tool to use on your Weight Loss Journey.  I have downloaded it and use it...it is safe to download - I have had no problems whatsoever.  It is a FANTASTIC program to help you track your progress on your weight loss journey. Michael is always available for help if you have any problems with the download, etc.  Click Here to Email Michael

Michael Marder, the man who created the Weight Commander, did a wonderful job on it....it is a creative, informative, fun program. It is a shareware program that costs $9.95 (and worth every penny!). It is a ready-to-use program - not hard at all - very user friendly! It is a GREAT tool for tracking your weight loss journey. He is always working on the program and updating it. It has the following features (geared for any diet plan you are on) plus much more:

Lifestyle Tip of the Day - Food Tip of the Day - Calculator - Days Till Your Birthday - Diary - To Do Place to in put your To Do List - Personal Notebook (Place for Notes) - Place for your Goals - Weight  Input - Graphs automatically created to see weight change by week or day - Diet Foods - Daily Log - Panic Button (in case of panic - I love this button) - Exercise Log - Measurement Log - Daily Counter - Shopping List - Recipe Box - Mike's Sites (www sites) - Basal Metabolism - Metric/Non-Metric - Fruits/Veggie Info - Snack List - Glucose Counter (great place to log in your diabetic numbers and amount of insulin, etc - also stands alone from Weight Commander so you can just open this section) - Clone button (can set up a second user on your computer) - and much more. You have to see the program to believe it! I use it all the time.

Michael created this program for a friend who was struggling with his weight and has continued to improve on it....It is full of "surprises" and it's a wonderful program to keep track of every aspect of  your journey.   I would HIGHLY recommend the program and for the price of this shareware you can't lose. What the heck....he has a trial period, it doesn't take long to download - so why not give it a try.

I know I sound like a salesman but this is truly one of the best and useful programs I have seen out there on the Internet (especially for the price).  I surf the net all the time looking for "goodies" for my web page. You can get to Michaels site by clicking on the Weight Commander Banner  below or on my MAIN PAGE.  Thanks for listening.


Check out the online version of Weight Commander available.
It can be used from any computer you're at and even works
on a cell phone or PDA.  Really cool! And there's no
monthly fee, just a one time payment.
 to see the on-line version.


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