Coon Family Reunion ~ July 2006
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Al wrote up a beautiful page in his Journal on our awesome Family Reunion.
He also outdid himself on the photo's there. You can visit his page by

Clicking Here

Mom has an awesome deck overlooking the South Umpqua River. It was a
wonderful backdrop for our family photos. We had so much fun!

We took the opportunity to get some family photos on Moms great deck overlooking the river
To the left 4 generations of Coons Mom, Al, Glenn, LeRoy & our Kai
Pics below I let Kai use my Digital camera and he had so much fun & took great pics! Yes, he owns the camera now!
Mom has a family of deer that visit regularly To the right one of my favorite pics I snapped at Moms
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It's off to Wildlife Safari today. The 5 photos at the top right were taken at the
house. Grandpa Al had a great time horsing around with Kai.
Kai loved all the animals at the park and Grandma did too!

ClicPic All photos ©1998-2016 by Dotti's Weight Loss Zone. All rights reserved.

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Horizonal Rule Bows

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