Eagle Creek Trail

August 27, 2005

The Coon Family Hiking Club
Official 2005 Hike #3

4.2 miles - 2 hours 30 minutes


Punchbowl Falls CFHC Hike #1

Punchbowl Falls CFHC Hike #2

Punchbowl Falls CFHC Hike #3

This is the fourth CFHC Punchbowl Falls hike. We also did a Tunnel Falls hike that included the hike to Punchbowl Falls as part of it.

We drove out to the trailhead at Eagle Creek so we could hike up to Punchbowl Falls. Dotti's brother Rip called me on my cell phone on route to let us know that he was going to be joining us for the hike. It was great morning for hiking, and the three of us enjoyed the cool morning air, the scenery, and the enjoyable company, as we walked the 4.2-mile out-and-back route to the falls.