Converting Kilojoules To Calories

At all times on this web page, unless specifically stated otherwise, whenever we are refering to Calories, we are speaking of Food Calories, or what is known as kilocalories in a physics lab.
It is normal convention to use the Capital letter 'C' to begin the world Calorie when refering to Food Calories and we have always attempted to follow that convention.

1 [Food] Calorie = 4180.6 Joules...therefore

Converting from KJS (kilojoules) to [Food] Calories:

Multiply the number of kjs by 0.239

1 kjs = 0.239 Calories
320 kjs =76.48

Converting from Calories to KJS:

Multiply the number of Calories by 4.184

1 Calorie = 4.184 kjs
75 Calories = 313.8 kjs