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Converting Kilojoules To Calories

1 [Food] Calorie = 4180.6 Joules...therefore

Converting from KJS (kilojoules) to [Food] Calories:

Multiply the number of kjs by 0.239

1 kjs = 0.239 Calories
320 kjs =76.48

Converting from Calories to KJS:

Multiply the number of Calories by 4.184

1 Calorie = 4.184 kjs
75 Calories = 313.8 kjs

Note:  At all times on this web page, unless specifically stated otherwise, whenever we are refering
to Calories, we are speaking of Food Calories, or what is known as kilocalories in a physics lab.
It is normal convention to use the Capital letter 'C' to begin the world Calorie when refering to
Food Caloriesand we have always attempted to follow that convention.