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Tokyo Express

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Main Menu
Teriyaki Chicken (547 cal/11 g fat/70 g carbs) 12
Spicy Teriyaki (542 cal/11 g fat/67 g carbs) 12
Teriyaki Lite (533 cal/9 g fat/72 g carbs) 11.5
Spicy Teriyaki Lite (519 cal/9 g fat/67 g carbs) 11.5
Tokyo Chicken (410 cal/4 g fat/57 g carbs) 9
Spicy Tokyo Chicken (406 cal/4 g fat/56 g carbs) 8.5
Oyako (531 cal/10 g fat/59 carbs) 9.5
Steamed Vegetable Bowl (326 cal/1 g fat/71 g carbs) 7
Sukiyaki Bowl (597 cal/17 g fat/76 g carbs) 13.5
Katsu Bowl (542 cal/17 g fat/58 g carbs) 12.5
Curry (494 cal/16 g fat/58 g carbs) 11.5
Ahi Tuna (416 cal/6 g fat/55 g carbs) 9
Eel Bowl (509 cal/13 g fat/82 g carbs) 11.5
Miso Soup (49 cal/1 g fat/7 g carbs) 1.5
Small Salad (66 cal/6 g fat/3 g carbs) 2
Green Salad (124 cal/10 g fat/8 g carbs) 3.5
Tofu Salad (402 cal/31 g fat/20 g carbs) 11
Reimen (314 cal/10 g fat/32 g carbs) 7.5
Chicken Salad (322 cal/18 g fat/13 g carbs) 8
California Roll lite (186 cal/0 g fat/44 g carbs) 4
California Roll (307 cal/6 g fat/16 g carbs) 7
Inari (183 cal/3 g fat/31 g carbs) 4
Sushi Set (533 cal/11 g fat/96 g carbs) 12
Tekka (127 cal/0 g fat/21 g carbs) 3
Sushi Tray (330 cal/3 g fat/54 g carbs) 7
Salmon Roll (185 cal/4 g fat/28 g carbs) 4.5
Cucumber Roll (96 cal/0 g fat/21 g carbs) 2

The above Points were figured without Fiber (value was not available)
so the actual Points MAY be lower as Fiber usually lowers the Point values.

Thank you Kathie