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Max & Erma's

New including *PointsPlus & Points ~ 3/2/2011

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Black Bean Roll-Ups [Portion as served] (577 cal/10g fat/10g fiber/90g carbs/29g protein/1203mg sodium/2.4g saturated fat) 14.5 (12)
Low-Fat Tex Mex Dressing [2 Tablespoons] (23 cal/0g fat/0g fiber/2g carbs/3g protein/129mg sodium/0g saturated fat) 0.5 (0.5)
Hula Bowl with 3 oz of Fat-Free Honey Mustard Dressing (without breadstick) (583 cal/10g fat/6g fiber/78g carbs/48g protein/1345mg sodium/1.5g saturated fat) 15 (12)
Half Hula Bowl with 2 oz of Fat-Free Honey Mustard Dressing (without breadstick) (319 cal/5g fat/3.5g fiber/45.5g carbs/24g protein/813mg sodium/1g saturated fat) 8.5 (6.5)
Baby Greens Salad (without breadstick (119 cal/11g fat/2g fiber/6g carbs/1g protein/259mg sodium/1g saturated fat) 3.5 (3)
DRESSINGS (Serving portions vary & may be requested on the side)
Ranch [2 T] (120 cal/13g fat/0g fiber/1g carbs/0.5g protein/90mg sodium/2g saturated fat) 3.5 (3.5)
Italian [2 T] (110 cal/12g fat/0g fiber/1g carbs/0g protein/180mg sodium/2g saturated fat) 3.5 (3.5)
Bleu Cheese [2 T] (201 cal/21g fat/0g fiber/0.4g carbs/0.8g protein/169mg sodium/4g saturated fat) 6 (6)
Balsamic Vinaigrette [2 T] (140 cal/14g fat/0g fiber/4g carbs/0g protein/165mg sodium/2g saturated fat) 4.5 (4)
Fat-Free Honey Mustard [2 T] (51 cal/0g fat/0g fiber/12g carbs/0g protein/280mg sodium/0g saturated fat) 1.5 (1.5)
Caribbean Chicken: Lunch Portion (536 cal/20g fat/3g fiber/59g carbs/28g protein/1151mg sodium/8g saturated fat) 14 (12)
Black Bean Veggie Burger (649 cal/28g fat/9g fiber/79g carbs/33g protein/1495mg sodium/4g saturated fat) 18.5 (15)
Fruit Smoothie (124 cal/0.4g fat/0.8g fiber/28.5g carbs/0.8g protein/4mg sodium/0g saturated fat) 3.5 (2.5)
Garlic Breadstick [1 breadstick] (150 cal/6g fat/0g fiber/20g carbs/4g protein/250mg sodium/1g saturated fat) 4.5 (3.5)
Fruit Salad (Recipe varies seasonally; nutritional info is an average) [4.5 oz portion] (54 cal/0g fat/1.3g fiber/17g carbs/1g protein/6mg sodium/0g saturated fat) 2 (1)

*Whenever possible, I calculate ALL my Points on my Offline Points Calculator in the Half Points Mode, which rounds UP to the nearest Half Point. This keeps my site consistent. All point values in black bold are the new PointsPlus values, while all Point values in red bold are the old Point values.