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Edo of Japan

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TERIYAKI DISHES - Nutrition facts do not include Teriyaki Sauce
Teriyaki Chicken (580 cal/12g fat/3g fiber/80g carbs/33g protein/850mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 15 (12)
Sukiyaki Beef (610 cal/16g fat/3g fiber/80g carbs/32g protein/810mg sodium/6g saturated fat) 16 (13)
Chicken and Shrimp (660 cal/15g fat/3g fiber/82g carbs/45g protein/1210mg sodium/3.5g saturated fat) 17 (14)
Beef Yakisoba (540 cal/18g fat/2g fiber/62g carbs/36g protein/1150mg sodium/6g saturated fat) 15 (12)
Chicken and Beef (590 cal/14g fat/3g fiber/80g carbs/32g protein/830mg sodium/4.5g saturated fat) 15 (12.5)
Chicken Yakisoba (510 cal/14g fat/2g fiber/62g carbs/37g protein/1190mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 14 (11)
Beef and Shrimp (690 cal/19g fat/3g fiber/82g carbs/43g protein/1170mg sodium/6g saturated fat) 17.5 (15)
Sizzling Shrimp (510 cal/4.5g fat/3g fiber/82g carbs/32g protein/1100mg sodium/1g saturated fat) 13 (10)
Hawaiian Chicken (590 cal/12g fat/3g fiber/85g carbs/33g protein/850mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 15.5 (12.5)
Tropical Teriyaki (670 cal/15g fat/3g fiber/87g carbs/44g protein/1210mg sodium/3.5g saturated fat) 17.5 (14.5)
Fresh Grilled Vegetables (380 cal/1g fat/4g fiber/81g carbs/10g protein/980mg sodium/0.2g saturated fat) 10 (7)
Seafood Grill (570 cal/4g fat/3g fiber/89g carbs/30g protein/840mg sodium/1.5g saturated fat) 13.5 (11.5)
Ginger Pork (650 cal/23g fat/3g fiber/82g carbs/26g protein/920mg sodium/8g saturated fat) 17 (14.5)
Curry Chicken Bowl (500 cal/21g fat/3g fiber/27g carbs/17g protein/1510mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 10 (11.5)
Beef Udon (580 cal/17g fat/7g fiber/72g carbs/34g protein/3370mg sodium/7g saturated fat) 15 (12.5)
Chicken Udon (550 cal/13g fat/7g fiber/72g carbs/36g protein/3440mg sodium/4g saturated fat) 14 (11.5)
Shrimp Udon (480 cal/5g fat/8g fiber/74g carbs/34g protein/3630mg sodium/1.5g saturated fat) 12 (9.5)
Vegetable Udon (370 cal/1.5g fat/9g fiber/77g carbs/13g protein/3250mg sodium/1g saturated fat) 9.5 (7)
BENTO BOXES - Nutrition facts do not include Teriyaki Sauce
Sizzling Shrimp Bento (800 cal/16g fat/4g fiber/122g carbs/40g protein/1530mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 21 (17)
Seafood Grill Bento (860 cal/16g fat/4g fiber/129g carbs/37g protein/1270mg sodium/3.5g saturated fat) 21.5 (18)
Chicken and Beef Bento (880 cal/26g fat/4g fiber/120g carbs/40g protein/1260mg sodium/7g saturated fat) 23.5 (19)
Chicken Yakisoba Bento (800 cal/25g fat/3g fiber/102g carbs/45g protein/1620mg sodium/6g saturated fat) 21.5 (17.5)
Beef Yakisoba Bento (830 cal/30g fat/3g fiber/102g carbs/43g protein/1580mg sodium/8g saturated fat) 23 (18.5)
Teriyaki Chicken Bento (870 cal/24g fat/4g fiber/120g carbs/41g protein/1280mg sodium/6g saturated fat) 23 (19)
Sukiyaki Beef Bento (900 cal/28g fat/4g fiber/120g carbs/39g protein/1240mg sodium/8g saturated fat) 24 (20)
California Roll (430 cal/17g fat/1g fiber/61g carbs/9g protein/490mg sodium/2.5g saturated fat) 12 (10)
Vegetable Spring Roll (120 cal/6g fat/2g fiber/14g carbs/3g protein/310mg sodium/1.5g saturated fat) 3.5 (2.5)
6 Extra Shrimp (80 cal/2.5g fat/0g fiber/2g carbs/11g protein/360mg sodium/0.4g saturated fat) 2 (2)
Extra Beef (260 cal/15g fat/0g fiber/3g carbs/24g protein/470mg sodium/6g saturated fat) 6.5 (6.5)
Extra Chicken (220 cal/11g fat/0g fiber/3g carbs/26g protein/490mg sodium/3g saturated fat) 6 (5.5)
Tofu (90 cal/4.5g fat/1g fiber/5g carbs/8g protein/560mg sodium/0.5g saturated fat) 2.5 (2)
Rice Side Dish (480 cal/1g fat/1g fiber/106g carbs/9g protein/15mg sodium/0.2g saturated fat) 13 (9.5)
Yakisoba Side Dish (430 cal/4g fat/0g fiber/89g carbs/17g protein/580mg sodium/0.4g saturated fat) 12.5 (9)
Teriyaki Sauce (45 cal/0g fat/0g fiber/11g carbs/1g protein/1230mg sodium/0g saturated fat) 1.5 (1)

*Whenever possible, I calculate ALL my Points on my Offline Points Calculator in the Half Points Mode, which rounds UP to the nearest Half Point. This keeps my site consistent. All point values in black bold are the new PointsPlus values, while all Point values in red bold are the old Point values.