Including *PointsPlus & Points

Melon Juice, 17 Oz (173 cal/0.7g fat/3.9g fiber/43.8g carbs/2.6g protein/86.7mg sodium/0.2g saturated fat) 5 (3)
Apple Juice, 16.3 Oz (240 cal/0.8g fat/11.1g fiber/63.8g carbs/1.2g protein/4.6mg sodium/0.1g saturated fat) 6.5 (4.5)
Pineapple Juice, 14.5 Oz (185 cal/0.5g fat/5.8g fiber/48.6g carbs/2.3g protein/4.1mg sodium) 5.5 (3)
Apple Pineapple Juice, 14 Oz (194 cal/0.6g fat/7.8g fiber/51.4g carbs/1.5g protein/4mg sodium/0.1g saturated fat) 5.5 (3.5)
Kebab Skewers
Chicken Shish Kebab (96 cal/1.5g fat/0.6g fiber/2g carbs/17.8g protein/356mg sodium/0.3g saturated fat) 2.5 (2)
Salmon Shis Kebab (151 cal/8.7g fat/0.6g fiber/2g carbs/15.4g protein/351mg sodium/1.7g saturated fat) 4 (4)
Muhammara (434 cal/40.7g fat/4.3g fiber/15.8g carbs/7.5g protein/777.6mg sodium/4.5g saturated fat) 13 (11.5)
Baba Ghanoush (93 cal/6.8g fat/4.3g fiber/7.9g carbs/2.1g protein/326.9mg sodium/0.8g saturated fat) 2.5 (2)
Bulgur Pilaf (107 cal/1.2g fat/4.5g fiber/22.7g carbs/4g protein/480.2mg sodium/0.1g saturated fat) 3 (1.5)
Tabbouleh (183 cal/17.2g fat/2g fiber/7.5g carbs/1.6g protein/842.9mg sodium/2.4g saturated fat) 5.5 (5)
Mediterranean Garden (100 cal/2.2g fat/7.5g fiber/19.2g carbs/3.4g protein/207.2mg sodium/0.3g saturated fat) 2.5 (1.5)
Tatziki, 1 Oz (18 cal/0.7g fat/1.8g carbs/1.2g protein/79.8mg sodium/0.4g saturated fat) 0.5 (0.5)
Aioli, 0.46 Oz (87 cal/9.6g fat/0.2g carbs/0.3g protein/39.9mg sodium/1g saturated fat) 3 (3)
Tahini, 1 Oz (94 cal/8.1g fat/0.8g fiber/4.5g carbs/2.7g protein/86.1mg sodium/1.1g saturated fat) 3 (2.5)
Mango Lassi (361 cal/4g fat/6.2g fiber/81g carbs/7.6g protein/74.8mg sodium/2.3g saturated fat) 10.5 (7)
Peanut Butter Cup (459 cal/14g fat/4g fiber/42.1g carbs/48.3g protein/304.6mg sodium/4.1g saturated fat) 12.5 (10)
Carrot Cake (312 cal/15.4g fat/2g fiber/39.5g carbs/4.4g protein/528.2mg sodium/1.9g saturated fat) 9 (7.5)


* Whenever possible, I calculate ALL my Points on my website with my
Offline Points Calculator in the Half Points Mode,
which rounds UP to the nearest Half Point.
This keeps my site consistent.
All point values in black bold are the new PointsPlus values,
while all point values in red bold are the old Point values .

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