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Appetizers, 1 Serving [serves 4] (nutritional Values For Rice And French Br
J. Gumbo's Voodoo Nachos (309 cal/18g fat/3g fiber/22.5g carbs/15g protein/433mg sodium) 8.5 (7.5)
J. Gumbo's Nola Nachos (332.5 cal/18g fat/2.5g fiber/29g carbs/13.5g protein/856mg sodium) 9 (8)
J. Gumbo's Crawfish Cheese Dip (350 cal/26g fat/4g fiber/29g carbs/11g protein/744mg sodium) 11 (8.5)
J. Gumbo's Black & Bleu Dip (285 cal/14g fat/3g fiber/35.5g carbs/5.5g protein/591mg sodium) 8 (6.5)
Big Bowl Entrees
J. Gumbo's Red Beans & Rice (568 cal/13g fat/4g fiber/91g carbs/20.5g protein/1527mg sodium) 15.5 (12)
J. Gumbo's Jambalaya (1271 cal/40g fat/11g fiber/173g carbs/54g protein/4498mg sodium) 33.5 (28)
J. Gumbo's Bourbon Street Chicken (741 cal/13g fat/1g fiber/97g carbs/56g protein/2016mg sodium) 19.5 (16)
J. Gumbo's Creole Ratatouille (324 cal/2g fat/2g fiber/67g carbs/9g protein/1028mg sodium) 9 (6.5)
J. Gumbo's Gumbo (655 cal/13g fat/3g fiber/110g carbs/20g protein/1797mg sodium) 18 (14)
J. Gumbo's Crawfish Etouffee (700 cal/20g fat/2g fiber/110g carbs/18.5g protein/1209mg sodium) 19 (15.5)
J. Gumbo's Bumblebee Stew (740 cal/15g fat/3g fiber/136g carbs/15g protein/1085mg sodium) 20 (15.5)
J. Gumbo's White Chili (663 cal/8g fat/3g fiber/125g carbs/21g protein/1121mg sodium) 18 (13.5)
J. Gumbo's Drunken Chicken (732 cal/15g fat/2g fiber/108g carbs/50g protein/3062mg sodium) 20.5 (15.5)
J. Gumbo's Voodoo Chicken (738 cal/15g fat/4g fiber/103g carbs/46g protein/756mg sodium) 19.5 (15.5)
J. Gumbo's Jean Lafitte (1122 cal/59g fat/6g fiber/95g carbs/54g protein/2271mg sodium) 30 (27)
J. Gumbo's Chicken Red Hot (1047 cal/21g fat/2g fiber/123g carbs/87.6g protein/5118mg sodium) 27.5 (22.5)
Po' Boys
J. Gumbo's Drunken Chicken Po' Boy (719 cal/18g fat/3g fiber/93g carbs/46.5g protein/3273mg sodium) 19 (15.5)
J. Gumbo's Voodoo Chicken Po' Boy (728 cal/18g fat/6g fiber/87g carbs/46.5g protein/3273mg sodium) 19.5 (15.5)
J. Gumbo's Jean Lafitte Po' Boy (1080 cal/49g fat/6g fiber/110g carbs/51.5g protein/2260mg sodium) 29 (25)

J. Gumbo's

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