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Menu Items
Breast (357 cal/23.39g fat/0.14g fiber/5.4g carbs/31.4g protein/821mg sodium/8.9g saturated fat) 9.5 (9.5)
Wing (121 cal/6.84g fat/0.04g fiber/1.9g carbs/13.1g protein/443mg sodium/2.6g saturated fat) 3.5 (3)
Leg (158 cal/10.7g fat/0.06g fiber/0.1g carbs/15.4g protein/469mg sodium/3.9g saturated fat) 4.5 (4.5)
Thigh (157 cal/6.36g fat/0.16g fiber/1.7g carbs/23.4g protein/475mg sodium/2.5g saturated fat) 4 (4)
Chicken Tenders (each) (82 cal/2.09g fat/0.58g fiber/3.5g carbs/12.8g protein/340mg sodium/0.1g saturated fat) 2.5 (2)
Ribs (per Bone) (133 cal/9.06g fat/0.04g fiber/1g carbs/12g protein/208mg sodium/3.2g saturated fat) 4 (3.5)
Bites (each) (50 cal/3.32g fat/0.15g fiber/2.7g carbs/2.5g protein/146mg sodium/1.6g saturated fat) 1.5 (1.5)
Wing Dings (each) (62 cal/3.35g fat/0.02g fiber/1.8g carbs/6.1g protein/192mg sodium/1.1g saturated fat) 2 (2)
Pork Chop (each) (279 cal/17.1g fat/0.1g fiber/6.9g carbs/27.9g protein/456mg sodium/5.5g saturated fat) 8 (7)
Cod (piece) (75 cal/3.75g fat/0.05g fiber/8.9g carbs/5.7g protein/289mg sodium/1.8g saturated fat) 2.5 (2)
Tilapia (filet) (159 cal/8.99g fat/0.07g fiber/6.3g carbs/13.3g protein/272mg sodium/4.5g saturated fat) 4.5 (4)
Shrimp (piece) (58 cal/3.96g fat/0.02g fiber/4.1g carbs/1.6g protein/105mg sodium/1.7g saturated fat) 2 (1.5)
Catfish (filet) (260 cal/16.58g fat/0.1g fiber/10.3g carbs/17.4g protein/419mg sodium/6.4g saturated fat) 7 (7)
Lake Perch (piece) (134 cal/7.08g fat/0.05g fiber/8.9g carbs/8.6g protein/172mg sodium/3.5g saturated fat) 4 (3.5)
Chicken Sandwich Plain (497 cal/26.39g fat/0.14g fiber/5.5g carbs/31.4g protein/821mg sodium/8.9g saturated fat) 15 (12.5)
Fish Sandwich Plain (299 cal/11.99g fat/0.07g fiber/6.3g carbs/13.3g protein/272mg sodium/4.5g saturated fat) 10 (7)
Shack Wrap With
No Sauce (234 cal/7.82g fat/1.61g fiber/22.1g carbs/17.7g protein/341mg sodium/2.6g saturated fat) 6.5 (5.5)
Serving Of Broasted Potatoes With No Butter (273 cal/14.87g fat/0.89g fiber/31.7g carbs/4g protein/122mg sodium/5.8g saturated fat) 8 (7)
Butter For Broasted Potatoes (69 cal/7.58g fat/0.01g fiber/0.1g carbs//137mg sodium/1.5g saturated fat) 2 (2.5)
Serving Of French Fries (281 cal/15.26g fat/6.89g fiber/39.8g carbs/3.1g protein/678mg sodium/5.4g saturated fat) 8 (6.5)
Serving Of Cole Slaw (171 cal/10.85g fat/0.85g fiber/16.8g carbs/0.9g protein/64mg sodium/1.9g saturated fat) 5 (4.5)
Serving Of Corn With No Butter (55 cal/0.68g fat/1.36g fiber/12.9g carbs/2g protein/0.2mg sodium/0.5g saturated fat) 2 (1)
Serving Of Onion Rings (376 cal/26.41g fat/0.82g fiber/31g carbs/4.4g protein/612mg sodium/12.3g saturated fat) 11 (10)
Serving Of Broasted Mushrooms (323 cal/20.28g fat/0.92g fiber/31.8g carbs/4.1g protein/574mg sodium/7.9g saturated fat) 9 (8)
Roll (90 cal/1g fat/1g fiber/17g carbs/3g protein/160mg sodium) 2.5 (2)

Chicken Shack

* Whenever possible, I calculate ALL my Points on my website with my
Offline Points Calculator in the Half Points Mode,
which rounds UP to the nearest Half Point.
This keeps my site consistent.
All point values in black bold are the new PointsPlus values,
while all point values in red bold are the old Point values .

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