March 20, 2004

The Coon Family Hiking Club
Official 2004 Hike #1

LENGTH OF HIKE 7.2 miles - 3 hours 5 minutes

Dotti and I chose the day of the Spring Equinox of 2004 to do our first CFHC hike, meaning that daylight would be visible for 12 hours all over the world, and therefore, day and night would be exactly equal in length. But that is not why we chose this day. It was a day with great weather for a hike, and we were ready to do some walking.

We started off from the parking lot around noon, and finished up sometime after 3PM. We caught them in the middle of some renovations, and also with a segment of the Canyon Trail closed due to a trail event that they had not been able to recover from yet. They didnít say what the problem was, but it was probably a landslide across the path.

The temperature held pretty steady in the low 60s for our entire hike. The sun didnít really warm us up much, and the clouds did little to cool us off. I didnít bother with a jacket this time, and Dotti had a heavy shirt that she had on at the start of the hike, but she removed before we had gone very far.