Thank You from Sherry & Dotti

I would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL of you who attended the
wonderful 2004 DWLZ Conference & Family Reunion for the beautiful
Raccoon Pin that you got for me.  I LOVE it!  Raccoons are one of my
favorite animals :)  The pin is gorgeous!  I never expected such
generosity and I'll always treasure it.  Here is a photo of the pin :

I want to also take this time to thank Teri, aka Cookie 1961 for the beautiful
Edmonton mug and wonderful bath salts - they are wonderful!

Sherry, thank you for the Friendship candle for Al and I and all the goodies
from the gift bags altho we were not there. You certainly made us feel like we
were there and we were, in spirit.  We cannot thank you enough for all you have done
to make this such a wonderful DWLZ 2004 Conference & Family Reunion.

The Tweety card signed by you all was the frosting on the cake  - I am a very
sentimental person and you could not of touched me more with your kind words
and personalized notes to me. THANK YOU!   I only wish I could of been there to
give you all a great big HUG!   Always, Dotti

Message From Sherry

On Sunday afternoon of the Conference, I was left speechless when I was presented
with a HUGE basket of gifts from everyone there to thank me for coordinating the
Conference. For those of you who know me…. it is a rare occasion when I am left speechless!!

I'd like to take this opportunity to THANK each and EVERY ONE of YOU
for your generosity and kindess!!

Here is a photo of me with the basket:

Here is a photo of what was all IN the basket after I unwrapped it all and read the
incredible cards and notes that came with the gifts at home:


Sharen (Ideasbrewing) ~ for the Lavender candle, candle holder, lavender
body lotion and bath powder all from the Body Shop!!!

Cathy (Gardencat) ~ for the “Thanks a Lot” socks and the very pretty
Virginia T-shirt!!!

Kathy (KathE) ~ for the fantastic scrapbook and die-cuts!!!

Sandy (momto3under3) and Sue (Scottsmom) ~ for the pretty
copper wind chime with butterflies that hang down from it!!!

Lorraine (Hurricane2004) ~ for the Bath Bag with soap holder, net
bath-sponge and showergel and the Arbonne packets!!!

Teri (Cookie1961) ~ for the silver and frosted glass candle
holder with blue gemstones!!!

Anna-Marie (amirie) ~ for the Healing Garden body soak, and
notepad with the doggie pics on it!!!

Arlene (wheels2) ~ for the “Me” Journal and the Email & Websites
book and Bookmard that has “Believe… Believe… Believe” on it!!!

Nancy (snowey) ~ for the Glass picture frame with pretty purple flowers
that says: “The Beauty of flowers, the rewards of friendship, that special
bond with family… these are the things that bring joy to life”!!!

Sharon (Roxypi) ~ for the Body Shop Soap set (Nut, Papaya, Cocoa Butter)!!!

Wendy (wendypendy) ~ for the Ceramic flowerpot signs that say
“Kindness is to the hear as sunshine is to flowers” and
“Randy, Sherry & Emma 2004” on the flip side
and the other “DWLZ Edmonton 2004 Wendypendy”!!!

Carole (cbcoaster) ~ for the Balance Incense Set (12 sticks & Incense
holder and a Diary that snaps open and closes!!!
(that was pretty sneaky how you got it here!!! )

Joan (Jsch123) ~ for the Light & Tasty Annual Recipes 2003!!!

Donna (Domini2) ~ for the Beautiful gold frame
and gold leaf pillar candle!!!

Cathie (Cath in V) ~ for the Sunflower Magic Bag and the
gorgeous glass picture fram with gemstones!!!

Jenn (Jenn) ~ for the wonderful Soap Giftbox with goats milk, natural honey
and wild almonds. Love the little bees on etched in the soap too!!!

Nancy (Nancy30) ~ for the incredible Gold tissue frame with stain
glass pieces & “Friendship” in the middle as well as the priceless Address
book with “Friends” on the front with ALL the CCr’s addey’s inside!!!

Melissa (Irisheyes73) ~ for the great Moonflower bath crystals
from Body Shop!!!

Becky (tbear53) ~ for the pretty angel "Thank You" pin!!!

Tracy (tracylynn75) ~ for the gorgeous Canadian photo album!!!

Brenda (bzrenew) ~ for the net bath-sponge with the little dog in it and
the awesome Cranberry/Orange candlelight candle!!!

Diane (kelsmom) ~ for the stunning “Willowtree” carved and hand-painted
angel, Spearmint Leaves , the pewter “Woof” frame for a photo
of Emma and of course the cookies for her too!!!!

Tania (Gumba001) ~ for the Lindt Cocoa bar and the pretty red
and white gazebo ornament!!!

Sharon (Harmony Sky) ~ for the gift certificate to Winners! (spent already! ) !!!

Vikki (purplenorsemen) ~ for the beautiful handmade blown glass
friendship ball and the Body shop set of cranberry soap,
shimmer body lotion and shower gel!!!

Sheila (LaGouchie) ~ for the awesome photo-frame carousel !!!

Kelly (aurora22) ~ for the wonderful bath set with all those delicious flavors!!!

Lorraine (ecchs), Denise (mynameisdenise) & Michelle (snowy7) ~
for the gorgeous gem-stone earrings!!!

Lynda (quietwun) ~
for the Evelyn & Crabtree Hand therapy
lotion and gift certificates to Tim Hortons!!!

Lissa (wwlissa) ~ for the incredible framed cross-stitched red & white
Canadian DWLZ Conference picture!!!

Dotti ~ for the gorgeous musical bear figurine and the treasured DWLZ bag!!!!

There was also a box of jellybelly’s – and unfortunately I don’t know
who they came from – but they sure were GOOD!! Thank you to the
person who gave them!! What a spoiled girl I was to receive such
INCREDIBLE gifts! THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart!!

I also had a gift from me for each person who attended the Conference.
It was a pretty red Canadian Friendship candle. Inside the candle there
is a maple leaf charm. I hope everyone liked them! Here's a pic:


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