Zonies Before the Conference
The Excitement Mounts!

The Girls From Toronto

Wendypendy, Cookie1961, Irisheyes73, Roxypi

The Girls From Calgary

What a pretty group of quiet, demure and polite ladies!
From Left to Right.... Lorraine (Ecchs), Nancy (Nancy30),
Vikki (Purplenorsemen), Nancy (Snowey), Michelle (Snowy7)

The Girls From the West Coast of Canada

(L-R) Lynda, Anna-Marie, Sheila, Pam
Quietwun, Amirie, LaGouchie, Purdycat

(L-R) Pam, Anna-Marie, Sheila, Lynda
Purdycat, Amirie, LaGouchie, Quietwun

(L-R) Sheila, Lynda, Anna-Marie, Pam
LaGouchie, Quietwun, Amirie, Purdycat


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