2nd Annual Dotti's Weight Loss Zone Conference
Our Sponsors
St. Louis, MO - April 19th-21st, 2002

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Weight Commander - This is the best
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Lexmark - I would like to thank
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A Special Thank You to
Corinne Boudreaux for setting
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San Saba Printing - Our Printers for
our Cookbooks & didn't they do a great job!

A Special Thank You to
Barbara (librarylady2) & Robin (robin4040) for planning our agenda and to all the
Zonies who helped with the Conference.

A Note of Thanks from our Sponsors

From Michael Marder of the Weight Commander - "When I got home tonite I opened the card you sent me. What a wonderful surprise Dotti. I just now put it in a frame and it is hanging on the wall next to the PC's in my den. I'll see it every time I'm working on Weight Commander. It's just great. I don't know the people who signed it but when you "talk" to any of them would you please tell them how much pleasure their little present has brought me."