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DWLZ Cookbooks Now Available!

Since the DWLZ Cookbooks Recipes for a Lifetime, Volumes One and Two, went out of print, we have had many requests to make them available once more. So, by your request, we have put them together into one PDF file, viewable in your free Acrobat Reader (Version 5 and higher).

Yes, both complete volumes contained in one file, less than 700k in size, so it can be easily downloaded in your email, and all for only $15.00!

The recipes have been submitted by those like yourself, who are concerned with having dishes that taste great, while not loading on the calories. These are Zonies' favorite recipes, with nutritional info listed, and now they can be yours!

Just select a recipe, and print that page, and you can take it with you into the kitchen to use, to a friend's house, or store it in a notebook for later. If you have a computer available in the kitchen you can use the cookbooks right there directly.

It is easy to get your copy today. Just click the icon below that says "Buy Now".  Your Cookbook will normally be emailed to you within a week of receipt of your payment.

If you do not receive your cookbook within 10 days of payment please email me at craftidot@aol.com so that I may check on the status of your Cookbook
(include the email address that you used to order the cookbooks).

Don't miss out! You will love these recipes!!!


Please note:

This is an Electronic Copy of the two cookbooks in one file.

You will be downloading a file with the cookbooks in it.

There are no paper copies of these books available for purchase at this time.

If paying by check, you MUST also include an email address
    (If you use it, PayPal handles this automatically)

    We need it in order to send the download instructions to you, so you can receive your cookbooks.
    (This address will be held in strict confidence and will not be used even by us for any other purpose.)


    You can pay for your cookbooks 
    by PayPal or credit card

    Click Below

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     Or, if you prefer to mail your payment,
    please send $15  in the form of a check
    or money order to:

    Dotti Coon
    PO Box 18913
    Spokane, WA  99228

    If you are sending a check
    please don't forget to also
    send your email address!

    We still need to send you
    the download instructions.


If you do not have Acrobat Reader, please CLICK HERE
to download your free copy or click on link below.

    Free Adobe Acrobat Reader
    Required to View Cookbooks

Disclaimer: While each recipe has nutritional values listed, there are
no WW points values included
in either cookbook.  We have done our best to remove all typos
and other errors from this cookbook, however it is sold as is, with no guarantees.

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