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I think that self image is really an important factor in weight loss. My problem is probably the opposite of many... I always had a thin self image. I was a skinny kid and weighed about 128 in high school... my highest. When I went to college I dropped to 110 lbs. I'm not really sure why, but it might have been stress and aggravation. I was always a happy person and I don't think that weight was ever an emotional issue for me. 

My weight gain started when I got pregnant 18 years ago. I had a horrible pregnancy and food was my comfort.  I drank Coke by the gallon and snacked a lot. I never took off the weight from my first pregnancy and added more with the second, 2 years later. I never really focused on weight, in fact, it was a non issue. I never tried to diet, but I always thought that if I did, I would try it once and only once. I didn't want to be a yo-yo dieter.

I always had a horrible impression of Weight Watchers, thanks to a friend of my mothers who constantly complained about her weight while she ate the worst possible food. My family was always health conscious, in fact, I was a vegetarian from age 16 until my pregnancy, 14 years later. My parents
are thin, and my only knowledge of Weight Watchers was this annoying person who was obsessed with weight.

Last October, my girlfriend quit smoking and in order to not gain weight, she joined Weight Watchers. She asked me to join her, and without thinking or hesitating, I did. I really had no goals or expectations. In fact, at 173 lbs, I was still thinking that I really didn't need it. My high blood pressure, of course, said the opposite. (Unfortunately, the doctor I went to  gave me the impression that the medicine would be as good for me as weight loss, so again, I never really cared one way or the other.)

During the first few months, the pounds started to come off. My daughters joined me in my "healthy" ways. They, too, lost some weight. I remember we were on a trip with one of their boyfriends, who constantly complained about our "points" calculations and why were we dieting, anyway? In unison, unplanned and spontaneously we chorused "IT'S NOT A DIET ITS A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!!!". It was pretty cool.

Needless to say, I've changed my opinion of Weight Watchers 100%. It is a lifeline to millions of people. Its a reasonable, safe, reliable and healthy weight loss plan. By the spring of last year, people were really noticing my weight loss. I was actually going to get a tee shirt that read: 45 lbs/ Weight Watchers/ No, I'm not sick.  

It was a great experience. By the end of the summer, I had shed 50 lbs, and I'm 123 lbs on most days. I wear a size 6 and fit into my kids clothes. Last week, a male friend asked if he could hug me just to see what it felt like.

Let me share this: IT IS WORTH THE EFFORT. It really is. I don't feel as if I suffered or anything, although there are certainly things I miss. My biggest clue for others: Watch the fat content of EVERYTHING. I don't buy anything with more than 3 grams of fat. You will get plenty of extra fat in
restaurants and at other people's houses. Stay with the very lowest fat foods you can. Walk a lot. Success breeds more success. If the scale stays the same, you will be depressed and punish yourself. I really walked into this without any major preconceived ideas, and I've never looked back. Vicki


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