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When I saw my 50th Birthday Party pictures, I exclaimed: "Hey, where am I in these pics? I KNOW I was at my own party!" Then I realized these two pics were actually ME!!! (gasp). Over almost ten years my weight crept upward about only a pound per month average. I had gained almost 100 pounds! (I had stopped weighing myself at age 40 - and threw away the scale. (Figuring that I'd not gain weight if I didn't weigh myself, uh huh) Funny how I didn't notice the change in the mirror, but I finally saw the shocking reality in these candid photographs. My pants waist size was up to 52 inches, and I thought they must be cutting slacks smaller these days! (denial strikes deep).

June 12, 2000 at 195 lbs - I was nearing my Lifetime Membership Goal Weight, having become a Weight Watchers member about a year earlier. Notice how I waited almost TWO YEARS after seeing those 50th Birthday Party pictures to do something about my weight. What a great day it was when I mustered up the courage to go to that first Weight Watchers meeting in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Little did I know that it would be so much fun, and so easy to learn how to eat all my favorite foods! Notice that not only has my thin-ness been restored, but also my original hair color!

October 2000 at 185 lbs - Here I am in the kitchen, eating AGAIN. Seems like I'm always eating food! Seems like I'm eating more than when I was gaining weight. The difference is that now my nutrition is in healthy balance, thanks to the wealth of knowledge I've gained on the program! At Lifetime Goal since June, 2000, I've enjoyed maintaining my restored thin-ness. Holidays and dining out often are fun again, knowing what to do! There is NO favorite food that I will NOT eat, now that I have the know how! After all, it's not WILL Power, it's SKILL Power, that makes the difference. Now I have the skills to eat all foods without gaining weight. 

I owe the wonderful people at Weight Watchers much gratitude. My leaders Joanne and Pat at the Harrisburg, PA, meetings, are an inspiration! Thank you Weight Watchers®!

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Photos - L-R:  50th birthday party (1997) & wakeup call; June 12, 2000 at 195 lbs; October 2000 at 185 lbs

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