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I have to start with, I love your web site. I have told everyone I know about it and they all love it too. Last March, I was in the Weight Watcher chat room and someone was talking about your site.I checked it out and was so inspired by you. You are an amazing woman and should be very proud of your self. (Two thumbs up to your awesome husband as well)

Anyway, I never really had a weight problem throughout my life. When I was in high school I put on a few extra pounds but by no means was I overweight. I had my first daughter when I was 16 and went up to 180 lbs but within the year I was back to about 150 lbs. I went down to 105 lbs when she was 3 but that was with the assistance of diet pills. Of course, I eventually put the weight back on and went back up to around 150 lbs. My second daughter came when I was 21 and basically the same thing with my weight happened for this pregnancy. This time when she was about 18 months I went down to 115 lbs but this was with the help of ex-lax and starving myself. I did put the weight back on quite rapidly after this because I started college and lived off McDonalds and all the lovely cafeteria food. Still, I stayed around 150 lbs for some time.

I always promised myself that I would start tomorrow. The only problem was that when tomorrow came. I would have an egg or a little bite of a chocolate bar and then I would feel that I already messed up today because an egg has 5 grams of fat in it and a chocolate bar is just so fattening. So the rest of the day I would allow myself to eat McDonalds, cookies, greasy food etc. This way of living became my pattern. I knew I was getting fat but would never admit it to myself.

Then one day last March I snapped.  I was doing my hair and I looked in the mirror and saw the fat under my arms jiggle and really noticed my double chin. That day when I was at work I picked up the phone and called Weight Watchers. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I found where the nearest location was and went the next day. Because I always hated to exercise, I told myself that I will make small goals. For instance, the first week I will exercise for at least 10 minutes each time. The next week was, I will exercise for 10 minutes each time at least 4 days. This pattern went on and on. The only exercise that I ever did was walk, until one day in June I decided to go to a boxerfit class. I loved it. I now love to exercise and SWEAT. It sounds gross but it is the most rewarding feeling.  

Since I started Weight Watchers, I have always faithfully drank my water. (I can't remember drinking a glass of  water in my life before I started Weight Watchers;  now I need it and crave it.) The best thing since joining Weight Watchers is the foods I can eat. I have learned about so many different types of foods. I have got many recipes off your site (thank you) and I love my fruits and veggies. Of course, I still eat McDonalds but not daily. I refuse to feel guilty when I do go.  

I started Weight Watchers on Mar 11, 2000 at 194 lbs. On Aug 16, 2000 I reached my goal weight of 140 lbs. - just in time for my wedding. I have come to the conclusion that if you exercise, drink your water and eat healthy you will lose weight and be able to maintain a healthy weight. I never allowed myself to be in vulnerable situations, for example -  I always had pre-cooked foods in the deep freeze at all times because I know how hungry I am after work. I always have pre-cut veggies in my fridge so they are available at all times. I have some sort of munchie food in my car at all times just in case the kids talk me in to driving them through McDonalds. I eat every couple of hours, even if I am not hungry that way I don't ever become ravenously hungry. Most important I accept if I do have a horrible day and get right back on track instead of allowing myself to fall into that horrible pattern of, "Oh well I messed up already today who cares." I also read other people success stories - somehow they just give me so much motivation.  

I have now maintained my weight for 5 months. I still need and rely the support of Weight Watchers and your site. Thank you for all of your wonderful support.  


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