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I never knew what it was like to be thin. At 12 years old I was called " pleasingly plump"..( What an oxymoron). As a teenager, I already weighed nearly 200 lbs. I carried all that weight through seven pregnancies in seven years. With each pregnancy I added a little more weight. I have 6 children.. Having them that close together didn't help either. I had no time to get the extra weight off in between.

Although I was overweight most of my life, I never remember the extra pounds posing a problem. I had lots of friends in school and had lots of dates later on. I tried to dress to compliment my size. I was healthy, and very happy. I made lots of jokes about my size - I now know.. I made them before anyone else did - so I wouldn't be hurt and everyone laughed with me, not at me. The only time I would feel bad is when a child would comment on my weight; children are so honest.

I met and married my military husband. As my children grew, I began to realize that I had to do something for my own "well being". In 1968 I joined the first Weight Watchers group in Canada in Edmonton, Alberta.  Over a period of 8 months I lost 50 pounds. Then my husband got transferred to Shearwater, Nova Scotia and there were no Weight Watcher's meetings there yet. With no meetings and no weigh ins, I put the weight back on, and then some.

Several transfers and many pounds later, I was ready to give up. I accepted the fact that I was going to be fat for life. I had to love myself the way I was but every once in a while, in preparation for a special occasion, I'd try a new diet or a new diet pill and would fail again.

After 32 years in the military we decided to move back to my family home area, to be close to my Mom and pay her back for all she gave up raising us.

When we'd been here for a few years I saw an ad for Weight Watchers in the paper. I didn't give it too much thought, but then I saw it again the next week. "Okay", I thought..." I'll go see if they can help me get started." I was never so embarrassed, as I was walking into that meeting.

When I weighed in at 272 pounds I was determined to give it one week.. to see what happens.

Seven days later I was six pounds lighter. I was an alternate week loser. One week I'd lose 3.5 lbs., the next week 1/4 of a pound; or stay the same - it was very frustrating. I knew it would come off if I stayed true to the program. I did and one year later on May 29th 1996 I weighed in at 144lbs.

The first time at Weight Watchers was a lot easier. I guess it was because I was over 55 when I tried it this time and as you get older it is harder to lose.

My children planned a family reunion in August of 1996 so I had a goal. That made a difference also. I was a Lifetime member before I went to the reunion. They hadn't seen me since I started my weight loss journey, so you can imagine their pride and shock when they saw me!! They had never seen me at this healthy weight. Also,  my husband has never seen me at this weight. My Mom doesn't even remember me at this weight. I tell everybody, "I had to be this weight at one time on my way "up" but I think it was in the middle of the night and I slept through it!!!"

I became a Weight Watcher leader in November of 1996 and now use my experience to help my members. I get "goose bumps" when one of my members reaches a goal. I remember what it felt like for me. I now have 6 children, 13 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

I sleep better, have a lot more energy and my knees don't hurt at all anymore. I love to shop for new clothes. I used to buy "whatever was size 46 and stretchy". Now I wear size 12/14. I can't believe it still.....

The other day I was shopping and picked up a size large sweater and the saleslady came over and said " Pardon me Mam, but that will be too big for you. You'll need a medium!!!!" I could have kissed her. She probably wondered why I looked so happy!  

(10/16) Well, here it is four years..A.G.... (after goal). I am still a leader and am now leading 6 weekly meetings in various towns around here. I live in the country so I do 4 Community Meetings and 2 "At Work"  meetings. I have seen many, many people get to their Winning Outcome and I still get just as excited for them as I did for the very first person I gave a Lifetime Award to. I really do get "goose bumps" and there are a few tears as we hug. I just love to share my weight loss story with the members and they tell me they are really inspired by my loss. 

I now weigh 10 pounds more than I did 4 years ago. My doctor thought that at my age, that first goal was a bit too low. I still walk every day and still have no pain in my knees like I used to when I was heavy.  What a blessing that is!!! Being a Great Grandmother hasn't made me feel any older!! My Mom is in a nursing home in a nearby town and she's 92.  She is very healthy, but her vision is impaired, and she's in a wheel chair. She certainly hasn't lost her sense of humor and I love to visit with her. I try to see her almost every day. My family is still proud of me and the long distance conversations or e-mails often open with "So, how's your weight?" 

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Photos - L-R: 1st two "before"; "after"; February 14, 1998; 
"Leader" pics taken October 3, 2000 & October 12, 2000

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