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Hi, my name is Lori.  I have been a member of Dotti's site since September 2000.  I have been a Weight Watchers member since January 2000.  Since that time I have lost 43 pounds and counting.  I joined WW at 216 pounds.  My highest weight ever was 245.  I do not have any pictures of myself at that weight as I avoided the camera like the plague!  I did have one picture that was taken without my knowledge that I promptly ripped up into little itty bitty pieces! My weight losses and gains have always followed relationships with a significant other.  When I was in a relationship I would gain, when the relationship ended I would lose and then maintain until the next relationship and then the scale would start creeping up again.  I was married when I peaked at my high weight of 245.   I was married for 5 years and lived in 6 places in those five years due to my ex-husband and I being military.  Half way through our marriage I was honorably discharged and worked in the civilian sector.  Without the discipline of the USCG's weights requirements, I began to put on weight.  Nothing new, I had done so in previous relationships all through my adult life.   In 1995, my ex-husband and I divorced.  It was a very difficult and emotionally trying time and when I am emotionally stressed I cannot eat!  I went from 245 down to around 195 within a few short months...not at all healthy.  I subsisted on Instant Breakfast and other liquid foods as I could not choke down solid stressed.   I returned home after the divorce and entered therapy to find out why I had emotional problems with relationships.  I am happy to say that the therapy was successful and I am a better, more complete, confident person for it.  At this time I weighed 195 pounds and thought I could take care of the rest of the weight on my own.  I was wrong.  I resigned myself to thinking I was just one of those "195 People." 

From 1995 to 2000 I hovered in and around 195 to 200 pounds.  During a Thanksgiving vacation in 1999, I had difficulty keeping up with others during a dive trip.  I felt slothful and lazy.  I returned home from vacation and tried to do the Atkins Diet.  I lasted only 1 week as the diet did not agree with me.  I was sick the entire week...headaches, nausea and vomiting.  I could not handle the food I was required to eat.  It was affecting my job and my overall well being.  At the end of the week I quit the diet.  I had lost 9 pounds in that first week and was down in the low 190's.  Well, over the next month I gained all 9 pounds back and about 16 more, blossoming to the weight of 216 pounds.  I blame the rebound affect of the Atkins Diet for the rapid increase in weight in such a short time.   I went on another dive vacation over the Christmas break and was shocked when I split out my blue jeans at the zipper and was completely embarrassed as I had nothing else to wear because I refused to buy bigger clothes.  Fortunately, I had long shirts with me to cover up my "gaping" pants.  I returned home from this vacation and was at a loss on what to do. As you can see I am stretching those size 16 relaxed fit jeans to the bare threads!  In early January 2000 I had the added embarrassment of not being able to fit into my kayak that I had fit perfectly into pre-Atkins!  Fortunately no one but my Best Buddy saw I would have been mortified.  He quickly covered up for me and told the others I would not be able to participate in the pool kayak class due to a hip injury.  (I did have a hip injury from skiing!  So this was not a lie) A few weeks later I was out with a friend of mine who was part of a Weight Watcher's At Work Program.  She showed me her books and slides and I was intrigued with the Points System.  She also gave me a coupon to join at half price with a friend.  I was pumped!  I thought WW was something I could do.  I rushed home and told my mother about it.  She was very skeptical.  She consented to try it with me for ONE MONTH.  And if at the end of one month, if it wasn't working she said she would quit.  I said Good Deal...let's go!  I went to the WW Website and looked for meetings in our area.  I found 2 and mom and I planned to attend one of them the next Saturday. I am happy to say I stayed OP during that luncheon!   Don't you just love the big balloon-y jumper dresses that hide every little sin?  What was I thinking?  I looked like Mrs. Claus!

I am now down to 172 pounds and am 10 pounds away from my WW goal of 162.  It has been a long and arduous road, but I have persevered and stuck to it.  If I had gotten frustrated last summer during a plateau I would have quit at 195 pounds, but NO...I am going to do this!  I am soooo close now I can taste THIN!!  I feel better, I look better and I have a better esteem about ME!  I can now keep up with my Best Buddy whatever adventure he dreams up for us..from cave snow skiing, I can do it!  Now he's talking about backpacking in Wyoming and canoeing in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota!  Fortunately he has done all this before, so with my weight loss, his expertise and my better health, I will embark on some new adventures in the 4th decade of my life!

There are a few people I thank for supporting me on my journey.  First and most important is my mother.  My mother reached her goal of 38 pounds lost in February 2001.   Without her daily support I couldn't have come this far.  My second is my Best Buddy,  he has been very supportive the entire journey.  In the beginning he wouldn't eat anything that he thought would make me envious.  He ate what I ate, or ate things I didn't like!  No jealousy there!  He encouraged me and always was a positive support.  Now that I am rooted in the program, a food that others eat does not tempt me.  I know what I can have and when I can have it..that's the beauty of the WW Program.  We can have EVERYTHING in moderation and control!  Third is my WW leader Laverne.  Laverne is 71 years old.  (don't worry, she admits it!)  Laverne has been my leader from the beginning and her suggestions, support and motivation have been priceless to me and my mother.  I do believe she gave my mother the added encouragement to do this as they are both senior citizens.  Last, but not least...and just as important as all the others is Dotti and all of you Zonies out there who have helped me on this journey.  Pat yourself on the back and keep on, keeping on!  We can do this!  I was and am a slow loser, but I tell myself that "slow and steady always finishes the race!"  I may not be first, I may not be last...but I WILL FINISH!  

I wish everyone a peaceful OP day!  Lori 

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Photos - L-R: The picture of me in blue jeans and ball cap was taken on Halloween 2000; This picture of me in the
red dress was taken during my first week On Program at Chili's restaurant during a co-worker's going away luncheon;

The picture of me in dive gear was taken Summer 2000 at 195 pounds

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