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My story is neither inspiring, nor a hard-fought accomplishment. So many of your success stories are of those with seemingly insurmountable health issues and/or deep emotional scars. I am fortunate indeed. I only had excess weight. To be quite honest, because of your site the whole process seemed as if I was on autopilot. You and your wonderful cyber family became "The Wind Beneath My Wings" when I was three months into the program. I readily accepted your philosophy about this journey without question. So, of course, I downloaded "Weight Commander" which was totally entertaining. Then naturally, ventured into the chat room, (my reward for having entered Dotti's universe) and got to interact with you and your zany spontaneous friends on a real-time (or should I say Pacific Standard Time) basis. The last 2/3 of the journey to goal I felt the presence of you and the cyber family, which you founded, every step of the way. You may find it hard to believe; and I feel it may seem unfair to many you have struggled so long and so hard; but I always felt in control, of this one aspect of my life, and it felt so good.

My story is probably typical of a "lurker" on your boards. Someone who gains strength from reading posts, picking up tips, and is totally motivated. Someone who has never cried out for help for deep issues. Yet someone who has always found the answer on your vast site, which contains astounding depth of support from so many informed individuals, with respect to most food, heath and lifestyle issues.

For all intensive purposes, Evie is just your typical Dotti's Weight Loss Zone success story. Nothing extraordinary. Perhaps some of the thousands of lurkers will identify with me. If this helps anyone in the struggle I'll feel my story will have served a useful purpose.

I began my journey April 22, 2000. I weighed in at an all-time high of 205 pounds, and reached my weight watcher goal of 160 pounds on December 9, 2000. I'm currently on maintenance and hope to receive Lifetime Membership in January 2001.

At first I seemed to be losing slower than most in my WW meeting, but assumed because I was older - over 50 and on medication, that I'd just have to be letter perfect OP 24/7/365, with no conscious food errors. Was extremely stern with myself, and started the physical activity long before I reached my 10% goal. It took me 16 weeks to make the first 10%.

I usually start my morning with Weight Commander, and catching up with the message boards. I attend meetings weekly. We have a wonderful energetic upbeat WW leader and receptionist, who read people like a book and intuitively say just the right thing to each person. They are a great team. This does makes a difference.

I followed the Weight Watcher 123 program, but added a few extra features of my own which may have helped me reach WW goal. Specifically, I was very conscious of the beverages that I consumed and the way that I consumed them. Nothing scientific here, just trying to pay attention to any messages my body was trying to transmit. We are all different. This worked for me. There is no right way.

Within the first two months, I gave up all carbonated beverages, even diet soda. Felt the fizziness just kept me pumped up and bloated.

After I'd been doing program for 4 months. I gave up coffee both decaf and regular. Coffee gave me that false hunger feeling - constant gnawing. After I gave up coffee I rarely had an unaccountable or unexplainable feeling of hunger.

Here's the tough one. I spaced my water evenly throughout the day and night. As a consequence I slept less.

Much to my amazement, and all that know me, I have done a total lifestyle change including working out, walking and stair climbing.

Only 14 pounds to my personal goal of 145. I feel great, and I feel younger. I know you can't turn back time, but I'll keep trying. 

Dotti, you've helped my spirit to soar. Thank you. Thank you. You are the "Wind Beneath My Wings".

Gratefully yours, Evie

Update - I am now a Lifetime Member as of January 20, 2001!

Joined Weight Watchers April 22, 2000
Reached WW Goal December 9, 2000
Lifetime Member since January 20, 2001
50 pounds gone forever...........Evie

December 23, 2000 - 48 pounds gone forever!

"BocaEvie"  on our Message Board!

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