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I have gone to Weight Watchers, Tops, and tried all the other diets you hear about. Most of them I would stick to for a short while, long enough to lose about 20 pounds or so. Then I would lose interest and go back to my old eating habits, of course when that happened I would gain all my weight back and then some. I hit 240 and stayed there for some time and even though I seemed happy and content on the outside I always felt terrible on the inside because of my weight. I decided to give Weight Watchers another try. I told myself that this time there would be no more excuses, that if I really wanted this I had to really follow the plan no matter what the occasion was or what event was coming up. I would just  have to work it into the plan, and with Weight Watchers you really can do that. When I went back this last time I remember praying in church for God to give me that strength and determination to stick with it and do it this time. I wanted to be able to feel good about myself again.

Boy, did I have the determination this time, I stuck right to the plan and the weight just kept coming off. Within a year and a half I had lost 103 pounds and made it to my goal. The more the weight came off the better I was feeling and more determined I was to continue. I really never thought about making it all the way to goal until I had about 50 pounds off and about another 50 to go. By that time people were really noticing my weight loss and the compliments began, which made me feel wonderful. I had a lot more self confidence in myself by this time and was really discovering a whole new person. Buying new clothes was great, I could not buy too many things because I was only staying in one size for about 4 - 6 weeks before they would get too baggy. My life was changing, I physically was becoming a different person, but I also grew a lot emotionally - I became a much stronger and more confident person. I was much more active. I actually enjoyed going out to play with the kids and I even go roller blading now. I changed job fields, which I don't know if I would of had the confidence to do before.  I am just so willing to do and try different things now. I have so much more confidence in myself. I am a much happier person and enjoy life so much more now!!! 

I am now struggling with maintaining my goal weight. Actually I am about 5 pounds up right now, but am determined not to let it get out of hand. I have gone as much as 10 pounds over goal at different times, and have to get right back to the basics to get it off again. It is definitely a struggle and always will be for me, but it is a struggle that is well worth it!!!

I just found out yesterday, June 13th, that I have been approved to start working for Weight Watchers. I am going to start June 26th as one of the receptionist. I had filled out the application awhile ago and had kind of given up on it, till yesterday. I think it came just in time for me, I have been having trouble focusing and I think this is going to help keep me focused.

I wish everybody much success and happiness!!!  

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Photos - L-R: 1st two pics, "before"; 103 lbs down; "before" & "after" drivers license

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Here I am at Lifetime!

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