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I never had a weight problem when I was young and Im still surprised I ended up a middle-aged overweight woman!  No doctor ever told me to lose weight, although medical records clearly stated I was "moderately obese." I was in excellent health otherwise, so it wasnt much more than an appearance issue. I accepted that I was fat, but as I approached my 49th birthday I felt old, tired, achy, and unattractive.  I secretly promised myself I would lose fifty pounds by my fiftieth birthday.  I figured I was an intelligent woman who knew what I should be eating,  and there would be no problem succeeding in a year Three months later the scale had only inched higher, and I faced the fact that I did need guidance.  I knew of Weight Watchers excellent reputation so although I was embarrassed I needed help, I joined on June 8th, 2000 at my all-time high weight of 202.4 pounds. 

I believed that if Weight Watchers didnt work, nothing would, so I completely dedicated myself to the program.  After not losing a single pound on my own, I fully expected losing fifty pounds would prove to be the hardest thing I have ever done.   But it truly was not. It took planning and perseverance, but it was not hard.  I never really felt deprived.  I was truly never "starving."  I was full of energy and felt better physically than I had in a decade

While Weight Watchers gave me the tools I needed to succeed, Dottis Weight Loss Zone gave me the heart.  Within a week of discovering this site, I knew I had found exactly what I needed to keep me focused on my dream of becoming slim again.  A poster on this message board once commented that Dottis is "where we come to lose, maintain and fellowship with each other." Without a doubt, it is the fellowship of this friendly site that made my journey not only a success, but great fun!  Thank you so much Dotti, for your labor of love!

I earned my 50 pound star in 8 months, 15 days before my 50th birthday!  I am currently on maintenance and am working to achieve a personal goal of 145 pounds during the summer of 2001.  How nice to enter my fifties with the tools and the heart to keep myself at a healthy weight the rest of my life!


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