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    Weigh-in Day!

    Yes!  I’m down another 2.4 lbs, bringing my total to 34 lbs gone.  My scale is happy and I are happy. I woke up around 1 pm (still on the 3-4 am to 1 pm sleeping schedule) and hopped on the elliptical.  The workout was good and I felt great after doing it.  I do love the feeling of accomplishment. Al and I had my crockpot meal for dinner and loved it.  YUM!  I made some strawberry jello with a little whipped cream for dessert. As for my Journey, I am doing well and staying on the right path.  I’m making good food choices and exercising every-other-day.  Today was my weigh-in day and I was pleased with the number, a new low – 217 lbs.  I lost 2.4 lbs since last Monday, making my total to date, 34 lbs lost.

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