I woke up, weighed and was totally surprised when the scale said, 215.2 lbs! [singlepic id=406 w=150 h=20 float=left] Hope it registers again tomorrow on my weigh-in day.

[singlepic id=23 w=120 h=90 float=right] Emily loved her trip to Canada with her Mom & Dad.  Mom was in a wedding so LeRoy and Emily went up to Vancouver Canada with her.  I just love that smile!  She can melt my heart in a split second.

I made pizza for dinner [sauce, mozzarella, canadian bacon, pineapple, mushrooms, tomatoes on top] and it was yummy.  This time I put canadian bacon on my side of the pizza.  1/6th of the 12″ pizza came in nutritionally at:  196 calories/7.1g fat/2.3g sat fat/458mg sodium/25.2g carbs/2.4g fiber/8.6g protein  Not too shabby and Al & I usually split a pizza (3 servings).  A delicious, healthy meal.  🙂 

No exercise today.  I’m still on the every-other-day routine, which is a good thing because Level 7 is quite the 45 minute workout.

button2upAs for my Journey, I’m still focused (my hypnosis cds really help with that), doing great on drinking my water, and my exercise routine is just that, a routine. I’m happy with where my head is at. button2up