September Already? I Love the Fall Season.

Hope this post finds all of you having a great Labor Day weekend.  Al and I are staying in, not doing anything special.  Vancouver is having some great cool weather this week, which I love.  Fall is my favorite time of the year.

LeRoy, Rachel and the kids made a surprise visit at the end of August.  It was a quick but fun visit.  This is the first time we’ve met our grandson, Jake.  Emily is now almost 5 years old and getting so “grown up”.  What a joy it was having special time with her.  She takes after me, very talkative and loves people.  Jake, who is 11 months now, reminds me so much of my LeRoy when he was little.  He’s very easy-going, loves to eat, and is so cuddly.  He loves to give a lot of kisses.  They both have birthdays in October, Jakes is October 2nd, and Emilys is October 7th (same as my brother Bob.  Mine is October 5th (going to be the big 60 this year).  It looks like we are racking up October birthdays!


I’ve been keeping busy for the last month updating our restaurants to Smart Points.  I have 153 restaurants completed.  You can find all my DWLZ updates at:

Getting back on track on my Journey to a healthy weight has not been easy, to say the least.  But… who said it was going to be easy.  I’m not giving up; it is never an option.  I need to take little steps back to my healthy lifestyle, one step at a time.  It’s so easy to get discouraged on this Journey.

My leg injury is healing slowly.  It still hurts a bit to step completely on my foot and my ankle aches at night but it’s all part of the healing process, I’m told.  I’m off Workmans Comp and not working at Fred Meyer anymore.  I’m moving on with my life.  It’s hard to believe I worked for Fred Meyer from October 14, 2014 to July 2016 and for the last year I cut my finger in the deli, broke my left leg in the deli, and finally broke my right leg in the cooler in the seafood department.  The latest was a horrible accident, leaving my right ankle broke, ripping all my tissue up my leg to another break on my upper fibia.  I guess going to work was a bad idea.  🙁

Al has been busy writing a book, his passion for a very long time.  He has written a book of Five Short Stories, which is now on Amazon.  If you are interested, you can find it on Amazon at:*Version*=1&*entries*=0  Feedback is always welcome.

Fall is upon us, along with pumpkin lattes & pies, and all the wonderful aromas of the Fall season.  I’m loving the cooler temps and not running my A/C.  Al and I hope to get to the zoo sometime soon.  It’s been way too long.

Hopefully, it won’t be so long between my posts.  The months seem to be passing by way too quickly.  Have an awesome day!



Reformatting DWLZ ~ July 23, 2016

About time, right?  I’ve reformatted most of DWLZ, starting with the main pages.  I have more to do but it’s coming along nicely.  The pages are cleaner and faster to load.  Next I will be working on updating more of the restaurants to Smart Points, while keeping the Points+ and Winning Point values.

onlinefriendshipsblinkieI love DWLZ and all my friends I’ve made over the 18 years I’ve had my website.  So many awesome people and awesome times.  So many great memories.  I’m looking forward to making many more.

As for my Journey back to goal, it’s been a long and winding road.  I’m hoping the road will straighten back up and I can start getting back to goal.  I know I can do it and with everyones love and support, how can I fail.

Thank you for always standing by my side as I travel the many roads of my life.




July 16, 2016 ~ Update on Leg Injury

Here is the latest update on my work injury to my right ankle and leg.

I’ve been back at work full-time in the Seafood department at Fred Meyer since June 1, 2016. It’s been a long month and my foot, leg, and hip have not been able to handle the workload or standing on my feet for 8+ hours.  It is even worse when I have to lift something heavy and try to walk.  My right leg is still weak.  I still cannot step on the ball and outside of my right foot without pain and discomfort.  By the end of my 8.5 hour day (sometimes longer) I can barely walk out to the car, limping all the way.  I’m always scared I’m going to fall again, being unsure of my steps.

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