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    Spring is Here ~ May 20, 2017

    How are all of you today?  Hope this post finds you in the best of health and having a happy Spring.  I don’t know about your weather but our weather has been rather cool for this time of year.  It actually hit 78 today and will be there for the next couple of days before going back down to 64.  Crazy weather! I had a nice Mother’s Day with my son, LeRoy, stopping by with some beautiful flowers and heartfelt card.  Of course, a big hug went along with it.   Our Mom’s have both passed away but were in our thoughts on this day. I’ve been busy converting more of our restaurants on DWLZ to Smart Points while keeping the Points and Points+ values.  We have 249 restaurants updated to Smart Points. 713 restaurants on site.  I have added a red heart  next to the restaurants that have been updated to Smart Points on the Restaurant TOC page.  My doctor will no longer be taking my medical insurance so I’ve had to change doctors.  I hate hunting down a doctor and hoping he’s a good one.  I did pick one and had my first appointment on Friday, May 19th.  Al…

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    Heading Into Warmer Weather

    Good evening everyone!  I’m up way too late but wanted to stop in and visit with you a bit.  First, I’d like to share some photos of my grandkids.  They sure have put a lot of smiles on our faces.  Emily says the funniest things.  Jake is about a year and a half so isn’t saying much yet but it won’t be long. Al and I are going to be watching them for a 2-4 hours, 3-4 times a week.  There is some overlap when Rachel goes to work and LeRoy gets home so she’ll drop them off and LeRoy will pick them up.  We are looking forward to having the time with them.  It will be nice to see them on a more regular basis, making memories. Tomorrow LeRoy, Rachel, Jake and I are going to the Home and Garden Show at the Convention Center.  Emily is going to have an Emily and Grandpa day.  They are really looking forward to that.  She is very close to Grandpa.  LeRoy is the Garden Center manager at Fred Meyers so he is really interested in the show.  I love these kinds of things and the exercise will be good for me.…

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    Moving On Up to Spokane

    It looks like I’ve disappeared for the last five months.  Time sure flies when your life has been turned upside down.  As you can see from the the title of this post, Al and I are now back in Spokane. After my work injury to my right leg (ankle broke, stripped tendons & broken upper leg) I ended up having to leave the job in July.  I am still having issues.  I was depressed most of the year recovering from that accident. Along with losing my job, our income level has decreased.  The housing in Vancouver, WA is out of control and we could no longer afford even the cheaper apartment we moved to.  At the beginning of October, my brother, Bob, offered us his upstairs bedroom until we could get back on our feet.  We used this time to save some money to get moved up to Spokane, where our son and grandchildren are AND the rent is so much cheaper.  We are paying much less for our apartment, and everything else for that matter.  It all helps. Due to the move here and our change in our circumstances, I have had to move DWLZ and the Message Board,…

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